This is MotoGP™: a permanent revolution

The World Championship aligns itself perfectly with current trends that guarantee an enormous global impact for its fans

The last decade has been shaped by many changes that have contributed to making the MotoGP™ World Championship one of the most attractive competitions in the world – both on and off track.

Thinking green

With the help of fantastic partnerships, Dorna Sports has been able to implement new competitions and initiatives to gradually move towards a greener paddock. There’s no stronger proof of this than the introduction of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup in 2019, which entertained and thrilled millions as we witnessed Matteo Ferrari (Trentino Gresini MotoE) create history to become the first Champion.

But this isn’t the only way MotoGP™ have been keeping the health of our planet in mind. KiSS Mugello has been in place over the years, which worked for the environmental and social sustainability of the Italian Grand Prix. The initials KiSS (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) are a declaration of intentions and the initiative has always been a success as we’ve seen it being replicated at other rounds in Barcelona and Misano.

Great digital impact

MotoGP™ hasn’t turned its back on the digital revolution and technological expansion. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our way of practising and consuming the sport has evolved at a dizzying pace in recent years and MotoGP™ has adapted by offering outstanding video information across multiple platforms, driving new graphics, launching VideoPass and increasing our presence on social media platforms to give you closer access to your idols.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify... no stone has been left unturned, and that includes the rapidly growing universe of eSports. Apart from enhancing the quality of its official video game – with MotoGP™20 out in April – the success of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship has been unprecedented. 2020 will see MotoGP™ eSport celebrate its fourth year after having already crowned Trastevere73 – a two-time Champion – and AndrewZh in the last three years.

A global presence

The enormous digital impulse of the last decade has reinforced MotoGP™'s desire to reach every corner of the globe, and the desire to reach as many fans as possible has been reflected in the most recent race calendars. The incorporation of Thailand, one of the countries with the greatest love of motorcycling, has offered two outstanding Grands Prix in 2018 and 2019.

The global presence in Asia will only rise in the future, as an imminent date with Indonesia is expected at the Lombok Circuit, located in the tourist complex of Mandalika. The particular 'conquest' of the world also extends to South America, which saw MotoGP™ return to the continent for the first time since 1999 as Argentina and Termas de Rio Hondo hosted – and continues to host – a phenomenal Grand Prix. The huge South American fan base has resulted in Dorna planning a return to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, where the new Rio Motorpark circuit will host a Grand Prix from 2022 onwards.

A new era of worldwide talent

Beyond its presence in so many countries, the global impact of MotoGP™ is also greater due to the origin of the riders. Joe Roberts (America Racing) exemplifies the American presence in the Championship, while Asian riders gradually gain prominence thanks to the hugely successful Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup. The IATC forms part of Road to MotoGP™ program, with competitions such as the British Talent Cup, Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, FIM CEV Repsol and the new Northern Talent Cup giving young riders a perfect platform to propel themselves into the World Championship limelight.  

With the new generation of fans also focused on an increasingly attractive competition, the MotoGP ™ universe expands, year after year, bringing the passion of motorcycling competition to millions around the world. The MotoGP™ World Championship now enters a new decade fully equipped for new challenges. Bring it on. This is MotoGP™!

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