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eSports: How to be fast at Laguna Seca Raceway

The classic venue hosts the first Online Challenge of the 2021 MotoGP™ eSport Championship. Shave some tenths off with these tips

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Get ready for a test with a difference! For this first time since its inception in 2017, the MotoGP™ eSport Championship presents an Online Challenge in which fans decided on the bike and rider that will be used to set the fastest time possible.

The first online challenge of the new MotoGP™ eSport World Championship packs a punch. For the first time, gamers from around the world will have to master a legendary bike-machine combination, as well as one of the most famous race tracks from years gone by.

After a total of four votes, MotoGP™ eSport fans chose Dani Pedrosa’s 2007 Repsol Honda RC212V to take on the legendary Laguna Seca venue in California, USA.

MotoGP™ eSport: Pedrosa throws down Laguna Seca gauntlet

Laguna Seca was the venue of the American Grand Prix from 1988 to 1994 and again from 2005 to 2013. In that time, its short, undulating layout meant riders saw it as one of the most challenging circuits on the entire calendar which demands the maximum level of concentration.

It’s narrow layout and terrifying undulations – including the world-famous Corkscrew bend – mark this as a truly unique challenge for those seeking to post an early score on the Pro Draft leaderboard. The Challenge will take place between 18th-21st March.

The lap time is short: around 1m 20s but there is a lot to remember in that time. This is a track that offers no chance for respite!

It all starts with the scary run to turn one. Click sixth gear just before you peel left and feather the throttle as you crest the rise. Then start braking with an angle and downshift all the way back to first for turn two. Accelerate up to third gear, before going back a gear for turn three. The same should be done for four, and take a sweeping line, making sure you clip the apex on the corner’s inside.

Just hit fifth gear before turn five, a corner to be taken in second gear. A smooth exit should allow you to rise to fourth before downshifting two gears for turn six. Get on the throttle as soon as you pass the exit. Then you rise the Rahal Straight, hitting fourth gear before approaching the iconic Corkscrew bend. Back to first for this tight left and be careful with the front brake pressure, otherwise, you’ll lock the front. Tap the gas to turn and move through the bend.

Click third gear while keeping a tight line through Rainey Curve. Downshift to second at the end apex with spurts of front brake before accelerating toward turn ten, to be taken in second gear. A short burst awaits before downshifting back to first gear for the tight turn eleven. Then hit the apex and accelerate toward the finish line! 

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