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1 day ago

Jett & Hunter Lawrence: MotoGP™ and living the dream

The Australian Motocross stars feature on this week's episode - and it's a belter

Tags MotoGP, 2021

It’s time for another MotoGP™ Last On The Brakes Podcast – and what a treat we have for you this week. Filmed while the MotoGP™ circus was back at the Circuit of The Americas, American Motocross stars Jett and Hunter Lawrence sat down with Matt Dunn and Fran Wyld to chat all things MotoGP™, minibikes with Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) and living the dream.

Now, this episode is a little bit different than what we’re used to on Last On The Brakes. The fun-loving brothers revealed everything they love about MotoGP™, why MotoGP™ riders – most anyway – love to train with motocross, and how many times can a conversation mention Megan Fox… yes, you heard that right.

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So, here’s a few snippets from the latest episode to give you a bit of taste of what you can enjoy.

Getting to grips with a minibike with Marc Marquez:

Jett: “I was bummed because like, I didn't even realise! I was tipping it in, but my body was straight up and down. And I was watching Marc and he’s scraping his knee straight away! I'm like, how is he scraping his knee?! So I'm tipping the bike in even more but I'm still straight up and outside. So I just look even more stupid. It took me a while but once Marc actually explained like yeah, you’ve got to kind of sit more and actually lean your head, like, oh. That's a little more sketchy. To try and find the confidence to come in and lean it over, you have to trust the bike a lot. But once I kind of got the technique down, I got a little better. I probably still looked like a goon but I started to have a lot more fun in my turns!”

Speed vs traction:

Hunter: “Even if we had those 1000cc engines in our bikes, I don’t think we'd go a whole great deal faster because the track; like the conditions, the ruts, the bumps… all of those things like kind of, to some extent, there's a limit on how fast you can go on the track, to an extent obviously. Like I bet if we rode one of the MotoGP bikes down the straight we probably be like half throttle, like maybe 150, like ‘Oh my god we’re going so fast!’ Yeah there’s more…”

Jett: “Yeah, you used 20% throttle. WHAT?!”

Meeting the legends:

Hunter: “Back in Australia, my number racing number was 46, I love Rossi. It's kind of like a weird story. You can probably cut it out [editor – we didn’t]. We go to Sachsenring like a bunch of years ago, and then we went up in the tower and I was like, such a Rossi fan like I already bought like a bunch of stuff from the Rossi merchandise thing; I had mugs, like dinner plates... just everything.”

Fran: “I love how it’s not even just T-shirts.”

Hunter: “And T-shirts! Like the whole lot. I remember the first time I saw him, I swear I felt like a tear roll down from my eye. I was like ‘this is what life’s about!’. I couldn't believe it!”

Jett: “My reaction was a bit different meeting Marquez. When I met him I was really excited, although this was on Wednesday so not much of an old story haha. And I thought when I saw him, I was like ‘wow, he is actually pretty small’. Like I knew he was short but I didn't realise he’s that tiny?”

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