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Circuit Of The Americas

Le Circuit Of The Americas est le premier circuit conçu spécifiquement pour les Grands Prix et se situe à côté d'Austin, au Texas, avec une piste longue de 5.513 km et une capacité d'accueil de 120 000 spectateurs. La construction sur un terrain de plus de 400 hectares s'est achevée en 2012 et le MotoGP se rendra au circuit pour la première fois en 2013. L'une de ses caractéristiques principales est la longue montée, avec un dénivelé de 41m, qui conclut la ligne droite des stands et qui est suivie d'un virage à gauche serré. Le circuit est l'un des plus variés du calendrier et combine lignes droites rapides, épingles ainsi que plusieurs sections inspirées des circuits les plus célèbres. Le tracé a été conçu par le célèbre designer allemand Hermann Tilke. La piste se parcourt dans le sens inverse à celui des aiguilles d'une montre, pour un total de vingt virages, dont neuf à droite et onze à gauche, par tour.
Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas Track

Suivre par catégorie

Catégorie Tours Distance totale Fin en cas de drapeau rouge
MotoGP™ 20 110,26 Km / 68,51 Miles 15
Moto2™ 16 88,21 Km / 54,81 Miles 12
Moto3™ 14 77,18 Km / 47,96 Miles 11
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Spécificités du circuit

  • Longueur totale

    5,51Km / 3,43 Miles

  • Largeur de la piste

    15m / 49,21ft

  • Ligne droite la plus longue

    1 200m / 3937.01ft

  • Virages à droite


  • Virages à gauche


In 2013, the impressive new Hermann Tilke-designed 5.513 km “Circuit of the Americas” in Austin, Texas, joined the MotoGP™ calendar and become an instant hit - with its cutting edge facilities and a capacity for 120,000 fans.

Austin (TX), USA

The US has a fantastic motorcycling heritage - with great champions such as Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz being amongst the best riders to have ever competed in Grand Prix racing.

Why we love Texas and the USA

The sheer scale of the United States of America, including both overall landmass and the huge diversity between the 50 states stretching from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts, means it offers a wealth of experience and adventure to any visitor. The bigger cities - Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle - are all superb destinations. They offer a plethora of delights, from huge skyscrapers to big sports stadiums, an apparently endless choice of bars and restaurants, and some of the world’s best museums and galleries. The U.S. has many world-famous attractions and monuments including the White House, Disneyland, Time Square, The Statue of Liberty, the Vegas strip, Broadway, Hollywood Boulevard, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. If you want to get away into the great outdoors there is even more to see, from the Appalachian ranges to the Great Smoky Mountains; the mighty Rockies, the Everglades of Florida, and the Grand Canyon, to the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River or breathtaking Niagara Falls, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park, and the huge wilderness of Alaska… Then there are the vast open rolling plains within states such as Kansas and Texas to discover…the list seems endless.

Finding the right accommodation

When in Texas many visitors head straight to the capital of the state, Austin, where there is an abundance of hotels on offer. In Austin one can find Hotels, but also Airbnb’s and personal apartments, at all price ranges. These larger hotels are complemented by a selection of downtown options, including exclusive boutique hotels and serviced apartments. Four-star hotels are available for a lower budget than the aforementioned five-star luxury accommodation, whilst there are cheaper options still with 3-star $55 / €50 per night hotels to be found in the city center too.

Exploring Austin and Texas

There is an energetic buzz about Austin, the Texan state capital which comfortably carries its title of ‘Live Music Capital of the World.’ In addition to hosting large music festivals, the city provides locals and visitors with the chance to enjoy excellent live music every night. You can also partake of great food at one of the city’s hundreds of restaurants, or tasty fast food joints, and the booming food-truck scene means it’s easy to grab a bite to eat when you are on the move. Meanwhile, Austin’s waterfront on the Colorado River is a pleasant place to be, and its state capitol building is the largest in the U.S. ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’ as the saying goes and the imposing 1888 built red granite Texas state capitol will make a good subject for your photo album. Elsewhere in Texas, Dallas and Houston have plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing, dining, arts, culture and partying. San Antonio laos has a lot going on, with its landmarks such as the River Walk, the Alamo and the Missions National Historical Park. Want to get outdoors? Texas is a vast state, the second biggest in the US after Alaska, with over 260,000 square miles to explore. This massive natural playground boasts huge plains, prairies, lakes and dunes. It has beaches stretching over 367 miles of coastline, three mountain ranges higher than 7000ft in the west of the State, and Big Bend National Park for hiking and rafting.


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