Lin Jarvis: from unpacking boxes to Rossi’s boss

Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing has a candid chat to the MotoGP™ Podcast team, as we get to know the man behind Yamaha’s success

After a little bit of a break, the MotoGP™ Podcast team are back – and they’ve returned with a belter. Joining hosts Matt Dunn and Fran Wyld this week is Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, Lin Jarvis. An ultra-clear, considered and concise figure that we see at the Grands Prix, Jarvis oozes candidness and reveals how he went from unpacking boxes to becoming Valentino Rossi’s boss.

Jarvis also reveals what it’s like to work with superstars such as the nine-time World Champion and five-time World Champion Jorge Lorenzo: “With delicacy, diplomacy and difficulty are the three Ds I can say. It’s been the most rewarding time because when we were together we won three triple crowns I think, four championships with Vale, then three with Jorge, or which part of that time they were together,” comments Jarvis.

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“So, I think we had four championships together when they were in the team. It gave a lot of positivity and feedback. But you know, it was quite tough because any top athlete is very much focused on their own goals and own objectives and the last thing in their concern was what their teammate will achieve or not achieve. You have to try to take care of each one as an individual, make sure you’re always fair in the treatment that you give - that doesn’t necessarily mean always equal on everything.

“We’re equal in our philosophy towards our riders but if this one wants that but the other one wants that, then you make sure that you split yourself. But there are some moments in that time when, y’know, there’s some big egos in this sport as well, you have to manage the rider, the rider’s ego, the entourage, their expectations, their demands that sometimes we couldn’t deliver or fulfil. It’s quite difficult but if you ask me, I would always take two top riders instead of an A & B - it’s more stimulating and challenging. I think next year’s team should be good, this year’s team is good but next year’s will be good as well. Two young guns in there who are both top level. So our desire is to come back into that same winning era. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Jarvis delves into how he learnt to deal with such riders, while also describing what the best and worst parts of his job is. As well as that, you can look at the topic list below to see what Jarvis chats about on the latest Last On The Brakes:

- Where did Lin actually grow up?!
- Lin’s first jobs
- The first failed attempt at living overseas…
- Where did the passion for bikes come from?
- Moving Yamaha’s base of operations to Italy
- The trigger for MotoGP™’s popularity explosion
- Dealing with super experts, micromanaging, and when Lin burnt out
- How to deal with superstar riders as a team boss
- What does Lin look for in a rider
- Rider… and Lin’s own marketability

- Kenwood Quickfire
- Things you should look up online right now…

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