Dorna Sports obtains international ISO 20121 certification

ISO 20121 provides a framework for improving and maintaining the economic, environmental, and social impact of events

Dorna Sports is proud to announce the achievement of ISO 20121 certification for our sustainable event management system as the organiser of the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship. ISO 20121 is an internationally established standard pertaining to the improved sustainability and sustainable management of events at every level.

ISO 20121 provides a framework for improving and maintaining the economic, environmental, and social impact of events, certifying current standards as well as defining a plan for continuous improvement going forward. Obtaining ISO 20121 certification is a voluntary process via a third-party audit providing an objective and independent assessment as to whether a company or organisation meets the criteria.

With the help of ISO 20121 advisor Right Hub, Dorna began working on the necessary analyses towards the end of 2021 in order to define a new sustainable event management system for the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship.

Dorna has now obtained the certification from the Certification Body TÜV NORD, becoming one of the first motorsports organisers to do so.

Gaining ISO 20121 certification is a key achievement, recognising both Dorna’s commitment to creating positive change and the ever-higher standards attained in every sector of MotoGP™ event management. Maintaining ISO 20121 certification is now dependent on the implementation, analysis and modification of a plan of action aimed at continuous improvement going forward. This plan requires the participation and collaboration of all MotoGP™ stakeholders including but not limited to circuits, manufacturers, teams, staff, suppliers, partners, sponsors, federations and fans, to ensure progression in each different area.

The plan includes:

  • Increasing initiatives aimed at social inclusion in the different communities in which MotoGP™ is present 
  • Improving the management of waste and recycling at events 
  • Introduce sustainability criteria in the selection process for partners and clients, as well as when contracting services and/or materials 
  • Encouraging all companies and stakeholders to work towards the achievement of common sustainability objectives  
  • Further reducing the carbon footprint MotoGP™ 
Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: “We are very proud to announce that our sustainable event management system has been ISO 20121 certified, recognising our collective efforts both within Dorna and in MotoGP to work towards our common goal of ever-increasing sustainability. As the pinnacle of two wheels, MotoGP is the world’s ultimate two-wheeled testing ground and has a vital role to play as the world looks to create a greener future. We hope to inspire all those in the sport and our hundreds of millions of fans around the world to take action with us as MotoGP™ continues to put sustainability top of the agenda, racing together towards positive change.”