MotoGP™ and AWORLD launch the MotoGP™ "Making a Difference" Challenge

A new fan engagement project encouraging MotoGP™ fans to take individual sustainable actions begins, in collaboration with the app chosen to support the UN ActNow campaign

MotoGP™ has begun a new collaboration with AWorld, engaging MotoGP™ fans around the world to take individual action and join the new MotoGP™ "Making a Difference" Challenge. AWorld is the official app chosen by the United Nations to support the ActNow campaign aimed to inspire people to act for the Sustainable Development Goals.

"MotoGP™ Challenge: Making a Difference” is a fan engagement project aimed at achieving 500,000 positive actions between its launch on the 19th of September and conclusion on the 26th of November. These fan-logged actions will contribute to a 'collective' prize, a donation from MotoGP™ to its official charity Two Wheels for Life, at the same time as offering the highest-ranking fans some incredible prizes. The top prize is two MotoGP VIP Village™ passes for a 2024 Grand Prix!

Fans take part by downloading the AWorld app, joining the MotoGP™ Racing Together team and the MotoGP™ Making a Difference challenge. They can then log their individual actions, learn more about sustainability, and get to know some of the key Racing Together initiatives, from sustainable fuel to the Road to MotoGP™.

Alessandro Armillota, Founder of AWorld: "Participating is very simple. During the nine weeks of the challenge, all MotoGP fans can download the AWorld App and join the 'MotoGP Racing Together team,' participating directly in the ongoing challenge. Starting from the 19th of September, they can earn points by aiming for individual rewards, reading dedicated content such as 'Road Safety', 'Equal Education,' ‘Circular Economy and Energy Transition,' participating in quizzes, and engaging in good actions. An activity of sustainability education that will contribute to the universal 'ActNow' campaign launched by the United Nations, which already has over 14 million registered climate actions." 

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: "MotoGP is committed to making a positive impact on people, place and planet. As the pinnacle of two wheels, MotoGP leads the way in sustainable innovation, and as a truly global sport we have a platform that reaches millions and millions of fans. So partnering with AWorld makes perfect sense. Racing together isn’t just something for the paddock or the people on track, it includes our millions of fans, and thanks to this collaboration with AWorld they can now take an even more active part in helping us to make the sport more sustainable, and increasing its positive impact. We’re really happy to launch this project and excited to see the results."

The Lower Environmental Impact of Two Wheels

A study conducted by Oxford Economics and Acem (the European motorcycle manufacturers' association) has found that the environmental impact of motorcycles is lower compared to that produced by cars: the average impact of the European vehicle fleet is approximately 99 grams of CO2/km, less than half of the 210 g CO2/km emitted by the average car (petrol and diesel). Motorcycles up to 250 cc (which make up around 62% of the European fleet) also emit an average of 62 grams CO2/km. 

As the pinnacle of two wheels, MotoGP™ has the power to create positive change, driving progress and innovation at the forefront of the world’s push towards a more sustainable future. From working with manufacturers and fuel suppliers to move to 100% sustainable fuels by 2027 to creating an electric championship to push innovation in the electric mobility sector, MotoGP™ is a racing laboratory committed to making a positive impact. 

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