The Sachsenring remembers Ralf Waldmann

The historic Turn 11 will be renamed “Ralf Waldmann Corner” in memory of the later German Grand Prix winner

Initiated by the motorsport fans of the Sachsenring, Turn 11 at the Sachsenring Circuit is to be renamed "Ralf Waldmann Corner" in memory of the German rider.

One of the most successful German riders of all time, Ralf Waldmann passed away suddenly on the 10th March 2018. One of the most well-known and friendliest Grand Prix riders, he was just 51-years-old. During his career, he was twice runner-up in the Championship and won 20 Grands Prix.

The Ennepetal native was a big supporter of the German Motorcycle Grand Prix held at the Sachsenring, and also, in recent years, often attended classical music events there.

Commenting on the - at times - controversial Turn 11, he told the Press: "There are corners you crash at. If you want a racetrack where you don't crash, it would just be a straight. I know some places that are more dangerous on both former and current Grand Prix circuits."

The naming ceremony will take place on the 22nd June at 17:00 during the Sachsenring Classic in Fahrerlager 1. Journalists and fans alike are invited and entry is free.

The corner naming is a joint action of ADAC Saxony, the Sachsenring Safety Centre, the Sachsenring racetrack management and Joint Board of the Sachsenring.

At the end of the ceremony, a Press Conference about the Pramac Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland will be held in the Media Center at 18:00. Sachsenring Racetrack Management GmbH will present the winner's trophy for the three World Championship classes, sponsored by the metalworking company Maltitz.