Alcoba takes Moto3™ Junior World Championship title

Jeremy Alcoba was proclaimed champion of the FIM Moto3™ Junior World Championship in the best way possible, winning the two races of the day

Jeremy Alcoba (Laglisse Academy) was proclaimed champion of the FIM Moto3™ Junior World Championship in the best way possible, winning the first of the two races of the day. Carlos Tatay (Fundación Andreas Pérez 77) won the second. In the Moto2™ European Championship, Edgar Pons (Baiko Racing Team) also said goodbye to the FIM CEV Repsol with a victory. In the European Talent Cup, Iván Ortolá (Ángel Nieto Junior Team) finished the season as he began in Estoril, with a win.

In the FIM Moto3™ JWCh Jeremy Alcoba didn?t waste his first chance at the title, beating José Julián García (RGR TM Racing Factory Team) - who took his first podium of the season - and Aleix Viu (Ángel Nieto Junior Team), in third position. It was an exciting race, with a leading group of up to 15 riders. A number of riders shared the lead, such as Daniel Holgado (Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0.0), Ryusei Yamanaka (Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) and Carlos Tatay (Fundación Andreas Pérez 77), among others.

With two laps to go, a touch between Daniel Holgado and David Salvador (Cuna de Campeones) left them out of options for a podium place, and allowed Aleix Viu to make the most of a great comeback, paving the way for José Julián García to take third after a race spent as part of the leading group. Jeremy Alcoba received the Repsol free fuel cheque.
In the second FIM Moto3 ™ JWCh race Carlos Tatay said goodbye with another victory, his fourth of the season. Barry Baltus (Ángel Nieto Junior Team) joined him on the podium, along with Adrián Fernández (Laglisse Academy), achieving his first podium in the category. Once again Davide Pizzoli (Leopard Impala Junior Team) started poorly from pole, losing so many positions that in an effort to make up lost ground he went down on the fifth lap along with Julián Giral (Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0.0).

Ahead, Carlos Tatay pulled clear followed by a large group led by Barry Baltus. Aleix Viu, David Salvador and José Julián García were involved in a multiple fall which decimated the chasing group. In the end, Carlos Tatay won alone, followed by Barry Baltus and Adrián Fernández. Carlos Tatay received the Repsol free fuel cheque.
In sum, the final classification of the FIM Moto3 ™ JWCh ends with Jeremy Alcoba as champion, Carlos Tatay runner-up and Xavier Artigas (Leopard Impala Junior Team) in third.

Edgar Pons ended his FIM CEV Repsol Moto2™ ECh season by winning the final race. As soon as the light went out, Héctor Garzó (CNS Motorsport) made good on his pole start to take the lead. Miquel Pons (H43 Nobby Talasur Blumaq) threw away his podium chances when he went down on the first lap.

Héctor Garzó and Edgar Pons pulled clear as the laps went past. Behind them, Tommaso Marcon (Team Ciatti Speed Up) and Yari Montella (Team Ciatti Speed Up) were fighting for the last podium slot. On the last lap, Edgar Pons overtook Héctor Garzó, who had led for the entire race. Tommaso Marcon did the same to Yari Montella in the last corner. However, a dangerous maneuver on the final straight was sanctioned by Race Management and Marcon lost third place in favor of his teammate.

The Repsol free fuel cheque went to Yari Montella. The championship ends with Edgar Pons as champion, Héctor Garzó second and Alessandro Zaccone (Promoracing) in third position.
Joan Díaz (DCR Racing Team) was the fastest in Superstock 600 although in the end it was Alessandro Zetti (Fau55 Racing) who took the title with Joan Diaz as runner-up and Peetu Paavilainen (Redding - Pinamotos RS) in third place in the category.

Iván Ortolá closed the season in the ETC as he began: by winning. The Ángel Nieto Junior Team rider took his third win of the season in a thrilling race that was not decided until the last lap. Fermín Aldeguer (Mugen Race Junior Team), Lorenzo Fellon (ZF GP School), Marcos Ruda (Cuna de Campeones), Diego Moreira (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0,0), Adrián Cruces (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0,0), David Alonso (Ángel Nieto Junior Team), José Antonio Rueda (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0,0), Roberto García (MRE Talent) and Joel D. Kelso (Leopard Impala Junior) formed the group of riders in with a chance of the podium.

On the tenth lap, Lorenzo Fellon and David Alonso went down while Diego Moreira crashed with two laps left. Iván Ortolá won the race and was joined by Fermín Aldeguer and Adrián Cruces on the podium, with Marcos Ruda just out of the honours in fourth. Iván Ortolá received the Repsol free fuel cheque. However, Izan Guevara (Cuna de Campeones) finishes as ETC champion followed in the general classification by Iván Ortolá, runner-up, and Fermín Aldeguer in third.