Frellsen joins title hunt with double victory in Most

The Dane threw down the gauntlet to Championship rivals with two wins in the Czech Republic

RACE 1: ​Imperious Frellsen claims stunning maiden victory

As the riders took up their positions on the grid at the gorgeous circuit of Most, Diego Lozano, the excellent NTC Rider Coach, did his customary rounds, speaking with each rider in turn, providing his last tips before the race start. But what did you tell them? He remarked that with such as strong headwind on the straight it would increase the effect of the slipstream and allow for later braking into Turn 1. This piece of advice would prove crucial come the end of the race.

A familiar gaggle of riders occupied the top positions on the grid. Swiss contender Lenoxx Phommara (Team Phommara), following a last-gasp fastest lap in Q2 was on pole. Beside him was the talented Jurrien Van Crugten (BB64 Academy) with Julius Frellsen (MCA RACING) completing the first row. Czech hero Filip Novotny (DG Corse) was on the second row alongside Rocco Sessler (MCA RACING) and the lightning-fast Dutch rookie, Kyano Schoo (KS Racing).

Getting a good start from pole, it was Lenoxx Phommara who took the holeshot ahead of Van Crugten and Frellsen. Within a couple of laps, a lead group of six riders had formed, consisting of the three just mentioned plus Kyano Schoo (KS Racing), Novotny, and a confident-looking Sessler. Over the next 14 laps, the top six more or less remained the same, but on the main straight each time, someone new would take the lead.

So, it was all about the main straight! Whoever led at the beginning of the straight would be overtaken by the end of it, and it was like this until the race was run, the leader switching between any one of the top six. On the penultimate lap, Van Crugten led across the line, with Frellsen close behind. Using the slipstream, the Dane drew closer, then cutting the gas a bit, he stayed behind, knowing that if he passed, he would lose his advantage. On the second to last corner, Frellsen made his move on the leader Van Crugten, who had failed to close the door properly. Frellsen knew that, save for a mistake, no one would be able to pass him before the finish line. And so it was the great Dane who took his first victory in the category to the delight of his team who had been working hard to perfect strategy and bike setup all weekend.

As the riders looked ahead to Race 2 in Most, a satisfied Sessler was happy to have increased his lead at the top of the standings to nine points ahead of Lenoxx Phommara in second. Following his maiden victory, Julius Frellsen found himself third in the standings, a not-insurmountable 35 points behind teammate and rival Sessler.

RACE 2: Frellsen joins title hunt with double victory in Most

Following victory in Race 1, Julius Frellsen (MCA Racing) strikes again with another victory on Sunday afternoon in Race 2 of the Northern Talent Cup in Most. Martin Vincze (VM Racing Team) claimed P2, narrowly missing out on victory, with Lenoxx Phommara (Team Phommara) completing the rostrum in third.

On a hot, but much less windy day in Most, the stage was set for an even more exciting NTC race. A big group formed at the front with key title race players all in the hunt. Frellsen was looking in great shape, always able to make his way back to the front, despite constantly dropping down the order on the main straight. Rocco Sessler (MCA Racing), Lenoxx Phommara, and the mighty Martin Vincze (VM Racing Team) were right in the mix, with Kyano Schoo (KS Racing) also making his way to the front for a brief period. Home hero Filip Novotny (DG Corse) also made his presence felt by fighting hard in the top four.

As the race unfolded, it all came down to the last lap. Vincze looked to have timed it perfectly as he rounded the last turn leading the group, but Frellsen, an expert at the last two turns, somehow able to take a much tighter line and still get good drive onto the straight was able to pass the Hungarian on the drag race to the line, claiming yet another victory. Lenoxx Phommara held onto third and Championship leader Sessler had to settle for fifth following a penalty for track limits on the last lap. Novotny was promoted in his place thus taking another fourth-place finish at Round 5.

Rounding out the top ten was Jurrien Van Crugten (BB64 Academy) in sixth, followed by the impressive rookie Schoo, Maxime Schmid (Team Schmid) in eighth, then Anakin Zelenak (JRP Academy Racing Team) and Levin Phommara (Team Phommara) in tenth.

All this excitement and a late blast of form from Frellsen leaves the title hunt wide open. Sessler remains at the top, albeit with only a 4-point lead over rival Lenoxx Phommara, who sits 21 points ahead of Fellsen in third. With 100 points still in play at circuits that should suit the lightly-framed Dane, it's all very much to play for.

It was another great weekend of NTC action, as Sessler heads to Round 6 in Austria with a four-point advantage over Lenoxx Phommara.

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