Time schedule: Shark helmets Grand Prix de France

Don’t miss an ounce of action at Le Mans as MotoGP™ gears up for Round 5 of the season

It’s that time again! GP week is here and it’s time for the MotoGP™ paddock to venture to the iconic Le Mans circuit for the Shark Helmets Grand Prix de France – Round 5 of the MotoGP™ season.

And so you don’t miss out on any of the action coming your way this weekend, be sure to check out the full time schedule for another three days of bumper MotoGP™ action. As always, Moto3™ kicks off proceedings at 09:00 local time (GMT+2) on Friday morning, with the premier class heading out at 09:55 before the Moto2™ riders get their first taste of French GP action at 10:55. MotoGP™ riders will be out for FP2 at 14:10 on Friday afternoon.

FP3 on Saturday morning follows the same schedule as Friday morning does before qualifying begins! The Moto3™ riders who aren’t in the top 14 after Free Practice will be out for Qualifying 1 at 12:35 local time, with Q2 going green at 13:00. After FP4, MotoGP™ Q1 will be live at 14:10, with the battle for Le Mans pole commencing at 14:35. Moto2™ Q1 starts at 15:05, with Q2 rounding off Saturday’s track action at 15:30.

Then, it’s race day! Warm Ups will begin with Moto3™ at 08:40, with Moto2™ (09:10) and MotoGP™ (09:40) following suit ahead of the three races. The lightweight class are the first to do battle, that race begins at 11:00 local time, with Moto2™ gunning for glory at 12:20 before the big one: MotoGP™ launching at 14:00.

For the full time schedule in local time (GMT+2), see below:

Friday 17th:
09:00-09:40 – Moto3™ FP1
09:55-10:40 – MotoGP™ FP1
10:55-11:35 – Moto2™ FP1
13:15-13:55 – Moto3™ FP2
14:10-14:55 – MotoGP™ FP2
15:10-15:50 – Moto2™ FP2

Saturday 18th:
09:00-09:40 – Moto3™ FP3
09:55-10:40 – MotoGP™ FP3
10:55-11:35 – Moto2™ FP3
12:35-12:50 – Moto3™ Q1
13:00-13:15 – Moto3™ Q2
13:30-14:00 – MotoGP™ FP4
14:10-14:25 – MotoGP™ Q1
14:35-14:50 – MotoGP™ Q2
15:05-15:20 – Moto2™ Q1
15:30-15:45 – Moto2™ Q2

Sunday 19th:
08:40-09:00 – Moto3™ Warm Up
09:10-09:30 – Moto2™ Warm Up
09:40-10:00 – MotoGP™ Warm Up
11:00 – Moto3™ Race
12:20 – Moto2™ Race
14:00 – MotoGP™ Race

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