Talmacsi on possible Hungarian GP: "The project is my heart"

The 2007 125cc World Champion can’t wait to see premier class racing return to his home country

In 2007, Gabor Talmacsi was crowned 125cc World Champion to the delight of Hungary. The popular rider would regularly have nearly 40,000 fans travel over 400 kilometres from his home country to their nearest Grand Prix at Brno just to show their support.

Now, the immensely passionate fans can wave their home flag on home soil when MotoGP™️ returns to Hungary in 2022 after 1990 and 1992. "I have always wished to have MotoGP here," says Talmacsi, and after committing hours upon hours of hard work since his retirement in 2013, his dream has become a reality.

“First of all, I have great memories of my career,” said Talmacsi. “Of course, I’m very proud of my World title in 2007 but one of my best memories is the Czech Republic Grand Prix every year. Brno is the closest MotoGP circuit to my country, and I remember a lot of Hungarian fans visiting. About 30,000, 40,000 people would travel to watch MotoGP and support me and from that, I’ve always wished to have MotoGP™️ in my country. 

“Even during my career, I started to work on that project but definitely I’ve pushed more since my retirement. From 2013 to now, I’ve worked for six years to try to work out how to bring MotoGP to Hungary, finding all the people to support it who love their motorsport. It’s a great opportunity for Hungary, of course, and to have MotoGP back in Hungary from 2022 is great for the new generation here. It will be the most easterly European round and, yes, there is a lot of work to do, but I think it can be a great success. I’m so happy about this announcement because Dorna has created such a high-quality sports event and it is fantastic to see how Carmelo Ezpeleta and his team manage the whole Championship. It is an honour that we can be part of it.

“I will always support the Hungarian riders but, of course, if we have a MotoGP here, the opportunities and resources will be so much better and there will be much more of them. Honestly, we have a lot of talent. I don’t want to mention anyone in particular but the financial part for Hungarian riders is always difficult, getting that big chance. Hopefully, this new project will change that.

“It’s amazing because already I have had a lot of phone calls because MotoGP is the most known motorsport event here. People want to talk about it. This project is my heart. When I was riding my dream was to be World Champion and successful. Now, as the project leader, my aim is to bring MotoGP to my home and at the same time help grow tourism, the country’s image, develop young riders and all things motorsport connected. 

“Hungarian people love motorsport, which is why they followed me to different countries, so I think the people of Hungary will love it.”