WINDTRE Rising Stars Online Challenge 2 is here

The stakes are high in the WINDTRE Rising Stars Series with the second Online Challenge requiring gamers to tackle the legendary Assen

The WINDTRE Rising Stars Series got underway last week in fine style as the MotoGP™ eSport Championship is intent on promoting some of the brightest and youngest gaming talent in the world

A new initiative for 2020, the WINDTRE Rising Stars Series consists of four Online Challenges in which Gamers will be divided into three categories, depending on their location. These three are the Americas (North and South), Europe and Africa, and finally Asia and Oceania.

The second of these Challenges begins on Thursday and requires gamers to take on the gloriously fast and flowing Assen circuit, a track that has been on the MotoGP™ calendar from every year between 1949 and 2019. The event will be disputed in time attack mode and the gamers who achieve the fastest lap times will be awarded points. It’s time to take risks and put it all on the line as only the fastest lap times count!

Only the fastest lap times will count and gamers will be awarded points depending on their position in the final classification at the end of each Challenge. This runs from 2-5 July.

Thankfully gamers will have the nimble, easy-turning Yamaha M1 to navigate a rapid path through the track’s famous fifth and sixth gear sweeps: each contender will use Fabio Quartararo’s ultra-competitive Petronas SRT Yamaha M1 to set their fastest lap time. So sign up, get started and let’s get on track!

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