Hopkins: Trackhouse are "improving and escalating" MotoGP™ in the USA

The former Grand Prix podium finisher chats about Trackhouse Racing's impact, Joe Roberts and his new role in helping promote the USA's stars of tomorrow

As everyone eagerly awaits Round 1 of the season kicking off in Qatar, there’s one team on the MotoGP™ grid that are arguably looking forward to getting going more than anyone – Trackhouse Racing.

The new American-based premier class outfit are ready to hit the ground running in MotoGP™ with Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez, and having hired multiple MotoGP™ title-winning Team Manager Davide Brivio, Trackhouse have all the ingredients to make their mark in MotoGP™ from the off.

One of many who are excited about Trackhouse touching down in MotoGP™ is John Hopkins. Chatting to motogp.com at the team launch in Los Angeles back in January, the four-time MotoGP™ podium finisher shared his thoughts about an American team now being in the premier class.

“Yeah it's super cool. You know it’s all about improving and escalating the sport in America which the team is doing. Obviously having a team in the premier class is good for the sport. I’m excited! Full support to them and obviously we have the next American which should be on the bike so we’re going to do our best to get him ready and get him in that spot,” said Hopkins.

That American Hopkins is referring to is Joe Roberts, who moves back to American Racing Moto2™ for the 2024 campaign. Hopkins works closely with the American Racing team as a rider coach and firmly believes Roberts is ready to win the Moto2™ title – and move up to MotoGP™ sooner rather than later.

“I genuinely believe Joe can win the Championship. He’s got the talent, there’s no question about it,” said Hopkins. “He’s got the experience, he’s now just got to get the confidence. If he can believe in himself enough I really believe he can win the Championship.

“If nothing else, I definitely believe he can be top three in the Championship, in which case that would secure him a spot in MotoGP. I mean, the sport does need another American and he’s the only one in line to be able to accomplish that in the next couple of years at least.”

Roberts now stands as the sole American rider across the Grand Prix classes in 2024, but as Hopkins explains, more is being done to try and aid grassroots and unearth MotoGP™’s next stars from the USA.

“Well, talking just that, I’m actually taking over the US Ohvale distribution, doing that myself and two other partners, to really try and work and infiltrate the motocross market. We’ll be involved and taking care of the US championship and from that point hopefully we can all work together,” explained Hopkins.

“Ohvale, American Racing Moto2 and the Trackhouse MotoGP team, I think if we put all our efforts together, work with MotoAmerica, the FIM, Dorna, I really think that we can grow the sport. Get the interest, get the kids, get the numbers, get the talent and then we’ll get the bikes for them.”

With Hopkins, Trackhouse Racing, American Racing and the continued collaboration between MotoGP™ and MotoAmerica, the future is looking bright for the USA on two wheels.