Acosta: Marquez did it with Rossi, and now I’ve done it!

Appearing on late night Spanish TV, the rookie sensation discussed battling MotoGP™ icons and selling his used underwear!

With just over a week left before heading to Austin for Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, rookie wonder Pedro Acosta (Red Bull GASGAS Tech3) has made a star turn on Spanish national television, gracing popular late-night show 'El Hormiguero.'

It's no secret that Acosta has been making waves since his MotoGP™ debut, but his potential has been evident for quite some time. In just three years on the Grand Prix stage, he has claimed lightweight and intermediate class titles, while he stood on the podium in just his second outing on a MotoGP™ bike. It has proven a challenge to learn, but one the Spaniard has risen to: "In the end, I see how much I've changed since I've been in the Championship. I arrived at 16, and now I'm almost 20, so I've changed.


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“The first year went very well, the third went very well, but the second was tough, it was difficult at the beginning, and I think I'm different now compared to the rider I was when I started. If I hadn't learned and matured, I would have been kicked out of the Championship because my pace of breaking bikes wasn't normal."

Many have been watching Acosta for a long time and his entry into the premier class had ignited considerable anticipation, with a thrilling outing at the Qatar GP failing to dampen the hype: "Well, I changed teams, I changed chief mechanics, I changed everything, and that was the first real race I did because the sprint on Saturday is a warm-up for Sunday. So, I arrived, took off my helmet, they approached me and whispered in my ear: 'You just go for it.' And I went and gave it my all."

Acosta provided one of the defining images of the opening weekend, as he overtook eight-time World Champion Marc Marquez (Gresini Racing MotoGP™) under the lights of Lusail: "It seems easier on TV than how I experienced it. He did it with Rossi, and now I've done it. You have to be a nuisance. Stick your head out and cause a stir. It was beautiful."

Just two weeks later, Acosta once again stole the hearts of all MotoGP™ fans as his unshackled approach to racing resulted in a stunning podium for the 19-year-old; the third youngest rider to do so in the premier class.

"I hope everything stays as beautiful as it is now. I'm having fun and getting paid for what I do, what more could I want!"

The GASGAS Tech3 starlet also paid tribute to his family, particularly his late grandfather, who have helped him get to where he is now.

"Above all, my grandfather who isn't here, couldn't come. He did everything, the boat, the business... although my father was the one who managed it."

"If my family hadn't done all that, I wouldn't be here, I'd be fishing with my father. Thanks to them, that kid's dream came true. So, everything that's happening to me isn't because of me, because I trained or because I'm very good, but it's because of them, who risked their lives, their jobs, and their home for a kid who had a 'hobby'. So, everything I am today is thanks to them."

Acosta also showed his playful side on the show, explaining why he put his used underwear up for sale on a second-hand product buying and selling platform: "I have a big ego and I search for things about me on Google. One day I thought to check Wallapop to see what was being sold of Pedro Acosta, and I saw boots, sliders, gloves, and things that weren't mine but claimed to be. So, I got tired of being laughed at like that and thought I could laugh at them by selling my used, but victorious underwear."