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Circuit of The Americas

The Circuit Of The Americas is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S. near Austin, Texas, with a 5.513km track and a capacity for 120,000 fans. Construction of the impressive 1000-acre facility was completed late in 2012, with MotoGP lining up at the track for the first time in 2013. One of its more distinctive features is near 41m-elevation change with an impressive incline at the end of the home-straight followed by a sharp left. The circuit is one of the most varied on the GP circuit, with a mix of fast straights and tight hairpins, with most sections mirroring at least some part of a famous track around the world. It was designed by well-known German architect and circuit designer Hermann Tilke. The driving direction is counter clockwise and has a total of 20 corners with 9 right turns and 11 left turns.
Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas Track

Track by category

Category Laps Total Distance Finish in case of red flag
MotoGP™ 20 110.26 Km / 68.51 Miles 15
Moto2™ 17 93.72 Km / 58.24 Miles 13
Moto3™ 18 99.23 Km / 61.66 Miles 14
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Circuit Specs

  • Total length

    5.51Km / 3.43 Miles

  • Total Width

    15m / 49.21ft

  • Longest Straight

    1,200m / 3937.01ft

  • Right Corners


  • Left Corners