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Mick Doohan thinks Biaggi needs a miracle

Mick Doohan thinks Biaggi needs a miracle

Before this race Rossi really didn´t need to worry about beating Biaggi because there was a long way to go if the points difference was going to be cut down. He knew this was the case and went out with the tactic of sitting behind his rival and forcing him into a mistake. We saw it happen before in Brno and I´m sure Rossi was aware of the effect he has when Biaggi turns round and sees that number 46 closing in on him.

Biaggi really hasn´t been great under pressure throughout the season which in a way is how he´s always been. I remember from racing him in 1998 that when he´s out on his own he´s great but when he is pressurised he makes mistakes. I honestly think if he is going to come back and challenge seriously for this title next year then he needs to forget about Valentino Rossi and just focus on winning. In my opinion he is just too wound up about beating Valentino when he goes out onto that track and sometimes that can work against you rather than for you. Just going out there and trying to win the race is definitely the better way to go. That´s what Valentino has been doing all year long and will remain his philosophy when we go to Australia in a few days time.

I keep saying it´s not over until it´s over and I´ll stick by that until the number 1 plate is decided. You have to say though that it´ll take a miracle now on the behalf of Biaggi to regain the ground lost here in Motegi.

500cc, 2001, Max Biaggi

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