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Katja Poensgen reflects on a tricky season so far that is turning out for the better

Katja Poensgen reflects on a tricky season so far that is turning out for the better

Katja Poensgen reflects on a tricky season so far that is turning out for the better

Top female racer Katja Poensgen has not had the easiest of returns to GP racing. 2003 has been a tough year of re-adaptation to the 250cc machine after a year racing Superstock in Germany. Now things are beginning to look up for the 26 year old after a couple of low top twenty finishes and an improvement in form. Here is what she had to say to

´The season has been very difficult so far and I think the main reason for this was because of a bad year in 2002 trying to ride the 1000cc Suzuki and crashing a lot, hurting myself and losing my confidence. My mental state was nowhere near as high as it was in 2001.´

´It took some time at the beginning to get ´going´ and the lowest point was at Mugello when after the race I thought ´Is this what I really want to do?´. However in Barcelona things started to be fun again. There were some changes around me both in the team and in my personal life and this made me happy; I started to smile again under my helmet when I was on the bike and from that moment I knew that this was still my world. ´

´It was hard leaving GPs in 2002 and coming back to national racing in Germany, especially with the way the team ended. Nobody actually told me the team had fallen apart. I had to read it from a magazine in January and by then it was too late to get another GP ride. It was quite a shock. I was disillusioned by the racing world and my only solution was to take the Superstock Suzuki. I was disappointed to change bikes because my level on the 250 was good and improving all the time. In Germany I had to switch teams and didn't get any testing. After a few crashes it became a unhappy time.´

´Now I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. I´m a little bit sad that I have lost half of the year to get to the point where I am now but I want to show everybody and prove to myself that I am capable of some good results in the remaining races. My last few positions have been 17,18, 19, so with a little bit of luck I know that I can score points. I would be happy to stay with this team for 2004. I don't want to have to switch bikes again. I am feeling very good on the 250 now and with some testing over the winter I would be strong for the first GP of next year. If I have maybe another 2 seasons progressing on the 250 then I think I will really be able to show what I can do.´

Regarding her role as the only female rider in the World Championships, she remarked: ´I don't think of myself as a heroine for women racers. I get lots of emails from other girls and it's nice to know that they support me and have the same ambitions because of what I do. The best part for me is that women can see that anything is possible for them - there isn't one motorcycle for a woman and one for a man - they can follow their dreams and do whatever they want.´

250cc, 2003

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