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Alpinestars releases Marquez crash telemetry

Alpinestars releases Marquez crash telemetry

It was a minor miracle that Marc Marquez did not suffer major injury in his Friday crash at the end of the Mugello start/finish straight. The Spaniard, who made the conscious decision to jump off his Honda, was saved by his Alpinestars race suit.

Marquez left the track at 337.9km/h (209.9mph), sustaining several heavy blows to his back and shoulders as well as injuring his chin while sliding along the damp grass verge en route to San Donato corner.

The graph atop this article shows the time it took for Marquez’s airbag suit to deploy, with individual impacts markets with circles. Incredibly, it is quite possible that the 20-year-old’s body was subjected to gravitational forces greater than the highest recorded figure of 25G, as the suit’s accelerometers were completely maxed out.

The second graph (below this article) demonstrates a zoomed in look at the initial moment of impact. With this information, we know that it took the Alpinestars suit just a quarter of one tenth of a second to detect that the rider was falling. This ensured the airbag had already been deployed for eight hundreds of a second by the time Marquez sustained his first hefty blow with the ground.

Several other impacts were recorded at intervals of 1.2 seconds, 1.9 seconds, 2.3 seconds and 3.0 seconds after the deployment of the airbag, with the overall duration of the high-speed shunt being officially clocked at 5.2 seconds. Marquez went on to qualify sixth fastest just 24 hours later.

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