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Magneti Marelli face a "big challenge" in MotoGP™ for 2015

Magneti Marelli face a 'big challenge' in MotoGP™ for 2015

In the latest edition of Motorcycle Racer magazine Magneti Marelli’s Marco Venturi explains the different challenges they face in 2015.

The official electronics supplier will this year offer two different packages in MotoGP™, dependant on whether the team is in the Factory or Open class:

“We will follow the new Open class teams closely. We supply MotoGP in two different formats; the Factory teams build all the software themselves and develop their own strategies and for them we just supply the ECU. The Open teams will be mounting additional devices from us; the inertial platform, the dashboard and a switch panel for the rider to use when riding, and they will have the software to programme the ECU, monitor the data in real time, define the calibrations and even define the frequency with which each parameter is logged.”

“In 2016 all teams will use our software as well as the ECU and this will be developed together between the factories and the organiser – but we cannot follow the requirements of every team! Currently the Factory teams can decide what they want to do, and then do it, but for the Open teams everything is more standard. They have to submit their requests to the organiser, who makes a selection from these requests and decides what the new system must offer and the parameters required. We can suggest some changes and small modifications but we write the software in line with the requirements that the organiser has determined from the Open teams, but also with input from the Factory teams. It is a big challenge for us, but we are happy with the success we have and the relationship we have with the MotoGP organiser and the teams.”

MotoGP, 2015

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