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Baz: “It’s finally time for my MotoGP premiere”

Baz: “It’s finally time for my MotoGP premiere”

Frenchman Loris Baz is excited about his MotoGP™ debut in Qatar with the Athina Forward Racing Team.

After a winter of work and testing in Malaysia, Qatar and Spain, it is time for Baz to get on track for the first race of the season in Qatar. The French rider feels confident on his new bike, and hopes to be challenging for the Open title as the season progresses.

Loris Baz:
"It’s finally time for my MotoGP premiere. I worked really hard to be able to get ready for this race. I had to learn everything about this bike: the carbon discs, the brakes, the new tires and strengthen my muscles to adapt my driving style to the Yamaha Forward. The goal is to try to get close to my rivals in the Open class by summer. I am confident and at the same time anxious to get on track in Qatar”.


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