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Hanika gives his side of the story

Hanika gives his side of the story

Karel Hanika chatted to to explain his clash with Juanfran Guevara after the chequered flag at the #SpanishGP.

Red Bull KTM Ajo’s Hanika clashed with Juanfran Guevara on the Mapfre Team Mahindra after the race in Jerez, with the latter crashing and breaking his collarbone. Race Direction later gave Hanika an unprecedented five penalty points for his actions, which when added to the two he already had, means he will start the Monster Energy Grand Prix de France from the pit lane.

Karel, not many people saw last week’s incident; can you talk us through what actually happened?
"I am very sad and I'm very sorry about everything happened. I did not want to knock Juanfran down - no way. I just wanted to talk to him about a number of moves on the closing laps of the race. I'm sorry about what happened and that’s why I apologise for it."

What did Guevara do during the race to anger you?
"We were riding in the same group and on the final corners we made contact. Now it isn’t really important; although I only wanted to talk about it with him on the bike, I should have handled the situation differently and waited until I was off the bike."

What was your intention when you collided With Guevara?
"My intention was not to collide with Juanfran. I just wanted to approach him to discuss a series of moves on the final corners, but I was not able to do that well. It never crossed my mind to hit a rider with the intention of knocking him to the ground."

You immediately apologised to Juanfran publicly on Twitter, have you had a chance to do so in person?
"I have already apologised to Juanfran in person, when we were at the meeting with Race Direction. I'm very sorry about how everything went, really. I did not want Juanfran to crash, and especially not to hurt himself like he did. I’m very sorry.”

It didn't look great on camera, what would you like to say to your fans?
"Unfortunately, the footage makes it seem like I do it on purpose, and that is not the case. There is no rider in the paddock who wants to do harm to another rider. I feel that now there has been this image of me created, but those who know me know I did not want anything to happen. I hope they understand."

Are you and Guevara okay about it all?
"I hope everything is resolved, my intention was not to hurt him and I think fortunately he knows that."

What lessons have you learned from this?
"I have learned that on the bike you must focus only on riding. This is racing and squabbles are part of the sport. When we get off the bike there is plenty of time to talk about what happened during the race."

Do you think your punishment was fair?
"I accept and obey the decision of Race Direction. I understand that I should receive a penalty. This is not the thing that hurts me, but rather the fact that Juanfran has been injured. As I said, I ask forgiveness of him. It was not my intention and I hope he recovers as soon as possible, so that we can both enjoy competing again on our bikes."

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