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Pedrosa Blog: One more step in the right direction

Pedrosa Blog: One more step in the right direction

I had a bad start on Sunday, but I knew that the race would be long so I tried not to get too nervous....

In his official blog for, Dani Pedrosa gives us his verdict on the Catalan GP:

Hello everybody! What an intense weekend!

These days have required a lot of effort, but I’m quite happy. I feel that each GP that goes by I feel more comfortable on the bike and I feel like I’m on point physically. Of course, it’s been hard, but my progress is evident as I can clearly notice it.

I slowly noticed it in France and Italy, but it is here at home in front of you all that I’ve been able to step back onto the podium with great satisfaction. It was a great way to close the Grand Prix.

I had a bad start on Sunday, but I knew that the race would be long so I tried not to get too nervous. The temperature of the asphalt went up a lot in comparison to the previous sessions. I knew it could be difficult, and indeed it was as you all saw.

There were lots of crashes, so once I started to feel more comfortable and sure of myself, I began to push and climb up spots and I was able to advance quite fast.

Third place was a great result in the end. It’s important to regain confidence, work hard and with enthusiasm knowing that we can’t get it all back at once.

During the GP we had some very special guests. It’s not everyday that awesome people like Iniesta or Pau Gasol come by to visit! They’re incredible champions, and I was thrilled to share even just a few minutes with them.

After yesterday’s test, we had a moment to record some videos with our Repsol friends, and we had a good time. We were able to disconnect and laugh. I’m sure they’re going to be fun. You’ll be able to watch them soon!

By the way, we’re traveling to A Coruña on Friday. Marc and I will be at the city’s sports complex, Pabellón de Deportes, together with our colleagues from the Repsol Trial Team who will put on a show. You can’t miss it because it’s a one-of-a-kind show on motorcycles. It’s not just about balance, it’s magic at times!

To conclude and after taking the podium on Sunday, I want to thank all my friends, family, my team, and of course all of you. Also, my physiotherapist Juan Martinez, Dr. Villamor, and everyone who’s helping me get better everyday that goes by.

I want to thank you for all your kind support. You’ve pushed me to the podium, especially in Montmelo, where it’s always a pleasure to be there in front of all of you!

Question of the week:

Would you like for MotoGP™ to return to Africa and have more races in South America? What do you think it would be like racing there? Question from Elisa.

Hi Elisa.

I love discovering new countries and cultures. We’ve had races in the past in Africa and recently we were in South America. I’ve always felt the fans’ warmth wherever we’ve traveled and I enjoy racing on circuits that I’ve never raced on before.

Best wishes.

MotoGP, 2015, GRAN PREMI MONSTER ENERGY DE CATALUNYA, Dani Pedrosa, Repsol Honda Team

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5 years ago

#NoSunNoFun Heavy rain at the Catalunya post-GP test will prompt most teams to wrap-up early. Too bad for @lorisbaz!