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Gardner Q&A: "It’s great doing something that I love"

Gardner Q&A: 'It’s great doing something that I love'

CIP's Remy Gardner chats to about his move up to the World Championship and what it's like to chase the dream.

Approaching the midway mark of the year, how is the season going for you so far?

“Not that great to be honest, definitely wasn’t expecting it to be this hard. The bike isn’t quite performing up to where we want it to be and we’re struggling with horsepower a bit, but the chassis is quite good and I’m happy with that. We’ve had to change a lot of the bike from standard to get where we are, it’s a shame we’re struggling a bit with speed. We really just gotta keep fighting with what we got.”

Are there any areas you can improve with the current state of the bike and where you are as a rider?

“I need to be better at looking for slipstreams and improving my qualifying a bit. This would have a big impact for us on our bike, as the race is really dependant on where you’re able to qualify. Being able to get a good slipstream in the race and in qualifying makes a really big difference. It’s tough, but if you can go well in qualifying then the race will be fine for you, if not you can’t advance because you’re always going to be passed by three bikes down the straight and you hadn’t even passed two back in the corners, you’re always having to fight so hard.”

You’re a young guy, most people your age are either in school or learning a trade, what’s it like following the World Championship around?

“I really love it, it’s really sick. So much fun and it’s great to be doing something that I love and chasing my dreams right now. That’s pretty cool, I’m loving what I do and training everyday that I can when I’m not out racing. It’s a career now.”

Do you ever miss ‘usual’ things like school?

“Uhhhh, no!”

Is there anything outside of racing and training you do? Help you relax and chill out a bit?

“Yeah, I like working with metal and I sometimes make little models and sculptures from recycled motorbike parts and things like that. I also build other things like machines for wake boarding and skateboard ramps, everything to do with metal I love.”

Are there a group of guys you’re able to go around with and hang out with when you’re travelling?

“There’s not too many, just a bit solo! Dakota Mamola who now works for Cal Crutchlow, he’s probably my best friend and lives about five minutes away from me here in Spain so I hang out with him whenever there’s some free time. But it’s pretty hard to get any free time during the weekend since you’re always working!”

And finally, what are the aims going ahead for the rest of season?

“Just to be one of the top two Mahindras is our aim for the year. I’ll be really happy with that!”


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