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Quartararo Q&A: "I like to race and fight for the win"

Quartararo Q&A: 'I like to race and fight for the win'

Fabio Quartararo discusses the start to his 2015 season, his first in the World Championship.

The young Estrella Galicia 0,0 rider, Fabio Quartararo, concludes the first half of the season having taken to the podium twice: once in Austin and once at the Dutch GP. He earned his first pole at the Jerez circuit and a second in Le Mans. After finishing the last race before the summer break at the Sachsenring circuit, where he was unable to finish after a crash, Fabio Quartararo takes stock of his debut in the World Championship.

After competing in nine Grands Prix, how did you feel facing more experienced riders on the World level and what surprised you the most since you arrived?

"The experience of the World Championship has been very entertaining for me. At races such as Jerez or Assen, I really had a good time. I have good memories of races like the FIM CEV Repsol race at Motorland Aragón because I was amused by fighting for the win with my current teammate, Jorge Navarro. What I like is to race and fight for the win and the higher the level is, the better. What surprised me the most in the World Championship, and positively, is just that: the high level of competitiveness that it has."

What does it mean to you be to a part of the same structure as World Champions such as Álex Márquez and Tito Rabat?

"I am very comfortable and working with the team that won the Moto3™ title last year gives me a lot of confidence. The experience and know-how available in my technical team is perfect for me, there was very good bonding at the start and we get along very well. Being in the same structure as Tito [Rabat] and Álex [Márquez] is a great advantage because I find myself with them in the hospitality and we always discuss races, circuits and they give me advice. My relationship with them is very good. In the end, it's like a big family."

What kind of advice do they give you?

"The one with which I speak the most is Álex Márquez, especially since he was racing in Moto3™ last year with the bike that I’m racing this season. So he has a lot of useful information for me. And beyond advice, we talk about practices and races. Álex [Márquez] always gives me information on tracks, especially those I do not know, and it helps me to analyze and plan the work with my team."

From the circuits you’ve raced at so far, which have you liked most and why?

"The track in Qatar, I loved it with its fast corners. I had raced at night in karting and starting the World Championship at night was bewitching."

What was the most complicated circuit?

"The GP of Argentina caused me some concern. In the first Free Practice, I was fourth or fifth with a new tyre but I felt I did not have the pace to go further. Even though in the end I finished sixth in the race, bringing some points. But I had the hardest time learning this track."

What has been the most special Grand Prix?

"Undoubtedly in France. When I saw so many people gathered to see me during the pit walk at Le Mans, I felt really well supported. Everyone was waiting for me outside the box to show me their support it was amazing. The atmosphere of the Italian Grand Prix and in Assen was also fun."

Which moment from the first half of the year do you remember the best?

"The first lap of the Circuit of Qatar, under the spotlights that illuminate the track was very special. I think I'll remember all my life, it's there that I said to myself, " Fabio, that's it is, it's here.“

Just over three months have passed since the season opener in Qatar and now, after the German GP, you will have three weeks of vacation. Holiday somewhere?

"I'll be home in Nice, to enjoy the time with my family and my friends."

Will you undertake any changes to your workout program during this period?

"I train even harder, especially the first two weeks. I go running every day, I ride my bike, etc. The last week of vacation, which will precede the Indianapolis GP, I will train more gently because it is important to have a rest."

Athletes usually follow strict diets, especially in your category. Do you have any small vices?

"I do not abandon the regime during the holidays but I imagine there will be a day when I eat a homemade pizza! It's something that I do not eat often and among the things I miss the most."

Will you do anything else you can’t do during the seaon?

"I think I take the opportunity to do a bit of motocross."

Being from Nice, do you do any water sports?

"No, but I'd start swimming in the sea because I really want to participate in an Ironman when I’m a little bigger."

For you, a perfect plan for a summer day…

"Having a Honda Moto3™ bike like the NSF250RW which I ride in World Championship. I’d constantly lap and lap, then spend time at the beach with family or friends and do motocross in the evening. The bike’s speed and motocross for me are the necessary elements for a perfect day."

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