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Team JiR Principal Gianluca Montiron Q&A

Team JiR Principal Gianluca Montiron Q&A

Team JiR Team Principal Gianluca Montiron discusses the reasons he chose to enter the Moto2™ World Championship and the season so far.

Since the 2010 debut of the Moto2™ category, Team JiR has represented a team with many unique attributes. For the first few seasons they ran a MotoBI with a Japanese TSR chassis, with which they tastes success and acquired victories and podiums. This year represents a new challenge for the team, having switched to a Kalex chassis for the Swiss rider Randy Krummenacher.

So why go Moto2™?
“For the TV exposure: it's no secret that Moto2 represents an amazing class thanks to similar engine performance, prototype chassis and the ability for the riders to make the real difference. This class represents a middle-class that will mold the riders before they approach the top MotoGP class. For the overall investment and the associated return, this is an excellent choice considering overall motorsport value.”

Which are in your opinion are Moto2™’s key points?
“It's an accessible category that could represent a prestigious platform from both the marketing point of view and the technical one. There isn't a better exercise for R&D engineers with building their own chassis and then slotting in an established engine. You can develop your own technology in combination with worldwide brand exposure, without sustaining an impossibly high investment. Remember, you are involved in the category second only to MotoGP!”

Do you believe the same engine represents good value?

“I'm convinced that we are in a comfortable situation thanks to this regulation. It's more accessible for the emergent manufacturers to build just a chassis instead of a complete bike and powertrain for multiple reasons – not least cost and simplicity. If all the Japanese manufacturers were involved the scenario would be different, with different engine permutations. And yet even the most competitive package would be dominant, as we see now with the Kalex chassis."

What are the expectations for the second part of the season?
“Our rider has made improvements this year and scored points and he has been able to reduce the gap from the leaders. I'm confident he will do another step in the second part of the championship. At the moment the riders who stay all day on the bike and test often show a difference while the new rule for 2016 will permit a maximum of 10 days test and this is another good point to create a fair condition for all the participants.”

Moto2, 2015, JIR Racing Team

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