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Marquez Blog: Time to go on holiday…although not for long!

Marquez Blog: Time to go on holiday…although not for long!

The World Championship is so demanding that there are loved ones that you barely get to see…

In his latest official blog for Marc Marquez discusses the private test at Misano and his plans for the summer break:

Hi everybody!

Such sad news, yesterday I found out as soon as I woke up, and I’m still in shock. My deepest condolences go out to the families of Bernat Martínez and Dani Rivas. The motorcycling world is in mourning. I would also like to extend my condolences to Jules Bianchi’s family, a driver that we will forever remember.

I found out about this terribly saddening news during my week off even though on this occasion I’ve had less holiday time since we’re testing in Misano as I already told you last week.

One of the aspects we worked on there during the first day was my posture on the bike. It’s not an aspect to overlook. It’s quite important. I can assure you of that. Also, it’s something that I felt we’ve needed to improve.

Another aspect I wanted to work on was the bike set-up as we’ve been having issues with the rear part of the bike on corner entry, and the test was useful. Also, we had the chance to try out the new 2016 prototype!

Now, we’re trading Misano circuit for the beach. Actually, we might even trade the bikes for some jet skis. We need to make the most out of these days to have a good time!

Often, us riders complain that we travel a lot, but we don’t get to be tourists. We have a goal when we visit, and that’s work non-stop. We practically have no time left to see new places. However, when free days like these come around as is the case now, you come to discover that what you truly want is not to go far to see new countries you haven’t visited, what you want is to have a quiet and fun time next to the ones you love.

The World Championship is so demanding that there are loved ones that you barely get to see, and I really feel like spending a few days with them. Even with Alex, my brother, everything is different. We see each other constantly, but it’s not the same to be training and working instead of being able to forget about everything and just go with whatever comes up. It could be any sport, spending time at the pool, or who cares! What matters is that we can be together!

I must say though, this Saturday we’ll start training again. There, little by little, we’ll get back into competition mode to face Indianapolis. I hope you’re all having a perfect summer. See you after the break!

Question of the week
Hello Marc! What advice has your grandfather given that you’ve followed down to a T? Question from Ana.

Hello Ana,

My grandfather always gives me good advice, and I always listen to him closely. One piece of advice I always remember and consider important is that we must enjoy what we do and respect others.

Best wishes,


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