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Binder Q&A: “My aim is to finish in the Top 3”

Binder Q&A: “My aim is to finish in the Top 3”

Red Bull KTM Ajo’s Brad Binder assesses his 2015 Moto3™ World Championship season so far and discusses his plans for the summer break.

The South African rider discusses his performances so far in his fourth full season in Moto3™, and looks ahead to the second half of the year:

What is your assessment of the first half of the season?
"The truth is that the first 9 Grands Prix did not go as well as we were hoping. The year didn't start badly, but later on we suffered a bit with my riding style, which did not suit the bike. In the last 3 races I have learned more than I ever have in my career. Basically, I worked on improving my riding, taking into account the characteristics of the bike. It was about getting me and the bike on the same page. Every race I am getting stronger."

Has Jerez been the best moment of the first months of the season?
"Yes, without a doubt. I managed to place third and get my first podium of the year... but it will not be the last and the best result of the year, for sure! [Laughs]. I'm really enjoying it, and the results will come."

Do you think the races from the first half of the season are better suited to your riding or those coming up?
"If I look at last year, in the second half of the season things started to go well. I hope this year is the same and we can fight back."

Which circuits are you waiting for in the second part of the season?
"There are three circuits that I like: Malaysia, Australia and Japan. They are also consecutive races and it will be like a vacation for me. Of course, all the circuits have something special and I have no favourite circuit."

What have you changed in the last few races?
"In recent races we decided to put the development of the bike on the backburner and focus on my riding. But we still need to work on the bike and find something that works a little better with my riding style. We know what we need and every time we are going better."

What do you need to improve with the bike?
"We need to improve the feeling in general, especially under braking, and improve corner entry. Braking is one of my strengths and I can’t stop the bike well, and that complicates things for me."

How do you think the Moto3 World Championship will go?
"This year it is difficult to know. Although I did not start well, I'm growing stronger and will not stop fighting to be amongst the top three in the championship. They are a bit ahead of us, but there is still time."

What final result would make you happy?
"I want to finish in the top three in the overall standings; this is my goal and I know I can do it -I have no doubt. All we need is a definitive change.”

Compared with last year, what is the level like?
"Personally, I think the level is very high, probably more than last year. However, at the end of the day, the difference between riders is very small."

Now you have the summer break, what are you doing?
"For this break I travelled to South Africa. I wanted to spend a few days relaxing with my friends. I have not been home since January, so I'm good here. My plan is to ride supermotard every day and train hard, so that when I return on the second part of the season I can show people what I've done."

Will you have time to unwind?
"For me, the summer break is important for working, because it is not a time to rest."

How do you see the MotoGP World Championship?
"To be honest, I do not usually watch it much. I have enough to analyse with my performance. I'm focused on my season, but I've always been a fan of Valentino Rossi and I like that he is in front."

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