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Pedrosa Blog: Windsurf and supermotard

Pedrosa Blog: Windsurf and supermotard

We’re finally back after the summer break. Actually it was quite short, just a few days, but we were still able to disconnect…

In his latest official blog for Dani Pedrosa fills us in on what he got up to in the summer break:

Good morning, everyone!

We’re finally back after the summer break. Actually it was quite short, just a few days, but we were still able to disconnect.

After Misano testing I took a few days off to rest by the lake. The plan was just that: to relax and get ready for the second half of the season, which begins now.

I was also able to go to Villars-sours-Écot. It’s a town located in east France, and I travelled there to be with friends from LUC1motorsport. We also recorded a supermotard video there, which was a lot of fun. Another great thing I was able to do after three years was to windsurf! Just imagine how excited I was to do it! Due to my injuries, I hadn’t been able to windsurf, and I missed it.

So, I was like a kid having a great time doing one of my favourite hobbies. As you can imagine, I haven’t forgotten about my training either. Only a few days have passed, and we’re already gearing up for another Grand Prix. August will be a very challenging month, so it’s very important that we’re physically prepared as much as possible. Right now we’re going to start with Indianapolis.

One of the unpredictable factors there is usually the weather. It’s likely to be hot, maybe even too hot! But you never know, so we will have to pay careful attention. We are hoping to start the second half of the World Championships with great results, bringing you all a bit of joy!

Question of the week:

What was it like to see Dillon Chapman again? You have so many things in common, that strength to fight and overcome challenges, you two are champs. (Question from Gus)

It’s always special when I get to see Dillon again. He’s been visiting me at the races for several years now, and we always have a great time. He’s up to date with all the latest MotoGP news. He knows a lot of information. Personally, it’s a very special moment because when I look at him, I see the willpower and courage that we should all demonstrate every day when facing challenges. He’s a great champ.

Best wishes,


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