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Extra Sighting Laps for wet races with dry practice sessions

Extra Sighting Laps for wet races with dry practice sessions

When a race is declared wet after dry practice, qualifying & warm up sessions, extra sighting laps will be allowed to improve safety.

The Grand Prix Commission - composed of Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Ignacio Verneda (FIM CEO), Herve Poncharal (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA) - held a meeting on 15th. August 2015 in Brno and made the following decision:

Extra Sighting Laps – Effective Immediately

At several events in the past there have been situations where riders have had no wet track experience during any practice, qualifying or warm up sessions. For safety reasons the following regulation change was approved to enable riders to better evaluate race track conditions prior to a race starting in wet conditions:

In cases where a class has had all practice, qualifying and warm up sessions dry (as declared by the Race Director), and the race is declared wet before the opening of pit lane for the sighting lap, the following Wet Race Start procedure will apply.

1. The declaration of Wet Race will be made as early as possible before the opening of the pit lane.

2. The pit lane will open on time and remain open for 10 minutes (5 minutes longer than normal).

3. Riders may make more than one sighting lap, passing through the pit lane.

4. Refuelling of any machine and change of machine (MotoGP Class only) is permitted in pit lane during the sighting laps period.

5. The countdown boards at Pit Lane Exit will display 10-Min, 5-Min, 4-Min, 3-Min, 2-Min, 1-Min before the Pit Lane is closed.

6. Three minutes after the close of Pit lane, the normal grid countdown will be made, 5-Min, 3-Min, 1-Min, 30-Sec. Therefore the Warm Up lap and Race Start will be 5 minutes delayed for Moto3 and Moto2. The Warm Up lap and Race Start will be on time for MotoGP (i.e. a shorter period on the grid).

7. Race distances remain unchanged.

A regularly updated version of the FIM Grand Prix Regulations which contains the detailed text of the regulation changes may be viewed here.


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