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Espargaro: “I struggled to find the same confidence”

Espargaro: “I struggled to find the same confidence”

Aleix Espargaro heads to the Octo British Grand Prix searching for confidence and an improved set-up.

The previous rounds have seen Team Suzuki Ecstar’s Aleix Espargaro struggle, unable to find his pre-summer confidence and feeling with the GSX-RR. His recent races have been a world apart from his stunning pole position at the Catalan GP earlier this year. Even in the face of tough times, Espargaro and the team are pleased with the overall progress and development of the bike on their return to the MotoGP™ World Championship.

Two tough rounds have provided Espargaro and Suzuki with a direction to follow, though they are eager for more testing time in order to confirm. As always, weather will play a major role at Silverstone. Suzuki have yet to race in the rain and have only had limited testing time in the wet conditions. Rain is often seen as a leveller, removing any advantages one bike may have over another and emphasising a rider’s ability. With the Suzuki still lacking in terms of top speed, this may benefit Espargaro.

Aleix Espargaro: “The last races have been pretty tough for me, I struggled to find the same confidence that I had in the first half of the season and we still lack the finalisation of a proper set-up. The GSX-RR's base is very solid, I still feel it's a very good project, but we need to be more effective in how we prepare for both qualifying and the race. In Brno things went better than Indianapolis and we have found some direction that now we need to test and validate. Maybe the main variable in Silverstone will be the weather, we haven't raced in the rain and therefore we don't have any experience yet. At the same time we already have many aspects to focus on therefore I'm very eager to be riding again and proceed with the development work we have planned to do.”


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