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FIM announce updated 2016 regulations

FIM announce updated 2016 regulations

The Grand Prix Commission held a meeting on the 10th of October 2015 in Motegi to finalise technical rules for 2016.

Sample Engines MotoGP™ Class:
It was approved that manufacturers can homologate engines with different specifications. This is to allow manufacturers to potentially lease engines from previous years. To avoid the expense and complication of a manufacturer having to provide a complete sample engine for each specification it has been agreed that they may submit a single sample engine for sealing. Different versions of the homologated engine will be controlled by sealing examples of the components that differ from the main sample engine.

Sealed Engines MotoGP™ Class:
New testing regulations for the MotoGP™ class were recently approved allowing for up to five days of private testing for each team. To avoid the expense of acquiring additional engines just for testing it will no longer be a requirement for engines to be sealed to prevent running between events.

Moto2™ Class Quickshifter:
To ensure that signals from the quickshifter are exclusively used for that purpose, a standard six-pin connector will now be mandatory. This will enable the technical staff to check that any signals from this component are not being used for performance enhancing purposes.


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