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Alex de Angelis now "fit to fly"

Alex de Angelis now 'fit to fly'

Preparations are in progress to transfer Alex De Angelis to San Marino within the next 10 days.

Update 17/10/2015:  After eight days of hospitalization in the intensive care unit at the Dokkyo University Hospital of Mibu, doctors have deemed Alex de Angelis "fit to fly". The confirmation on the clinical improvement of the San Marino rider was also given by Clinica Mobile MD. Michele Zasa, who is attending Alex De Angelis in Japan.

Preparations are in progress to transfer Alex De Angelis to San Marino, where he will be admitted to the State Hospital to receive the necessary medical care. De Angelis is expected to return to San Marino within the next 10 days.

Team e-motion Iodaracing joyfully welcomes the positive news on their teammate and thanked the doctors at the Dokkyo University Hospital, the rescue unit of Motegi and the medical staff at the circuit, the Clinica Mobile and MD. Michele Zasa, as well as Dorna and IRTA for the huge help that was given to Alex De Angelis in these difficult days.


Update 15/10/2015: Alex de Angelis remains in the Dokkyo Hospital ICU receiving treatment and his condition improved over the past 24 hours, the main concern being the lungs contusions he sustained when he crashed in last week's Japanese GP in the FP4 session - his lungs proved well ventilated overall, a follow-up chest x-ray revealed some areas of atelectasis which are under control. The rider is deemed to be in a stable condition, awake and oriented and he was pleased to catch up with his father and brother.


Updated 13/10/2015: De Angelis is still under observation at the Dokkyo Hospital in Mibu,and is now fully awake with improved neurological signs. Due to the lung contusions he suffered and the resulting quantity of fluids and blood in his lung, De Angelis is now under non-invasive ventilation in order to ease respiratory exchanges, which improved throughout the day.


Update 12/10/2015: On Monday, De Angelis had a head and chest CT scan, which reassuringly showed that the intracranial hematoma he suffered was unchanged while the contusions to his lungs are slightly resolving. The rider remains in a critical condition but as his sedation was reduced, he was able to talk and oriented in time and space. He'll undergo a further head CT scan in the next 48 to 72 hours to ensure the intracranial hematoma is stable while the conditions of the lungs will need further evaluation.

MotoGP™ Safety Adviser Loris Capirossi and FIM Grand Prix Safety Officer Franco Uncini visited de Angelis on Monday morning; during his treatment in Japan, the rider is assisted by Dr Michele Zasa from the Clinica Mobile.


Update 11/10/2015: MotoGP rider Alex De Angelis underwent further medical checks on Sunday morning at Dokkyo Medical University Hospital. An MRI was performed, showing an intracranial bleeding. However, this has to be better evaluated, and the rider will undergo a neurosurgical evaluation later on. Dr. Michele Zasa from Clinica Mobile is going to stay with the rider for the next few days, in order to follow the clinical evolution of the patient.

MotoGP™ Medical Director Michele Macchiagodena: "Alex underwent a head CT scan on Saturday which gave negative results - however further checks today with the MRI demonstrated that he suffered intracranial bleeding - his condition is critical and he needs to be monitored closely. He's currently sedated, his vital signs are stable but we need to keep an eye on the bleeding to evaluate, within the next 24/48 hours, if further intervention is required."


E-Motion IodaRacing Team's Alex de Angelis suffered a heavy crash in the final practice session ahead of qualifying at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit and was taken by helicopter to the Dokkyo Hospital in Mibu for further examination and treatment.

De Angelis crashed midway through FP4, prompting Race Direction to red-flag the session. The rider was reported to be conscious and breathing before being airlifted.

Alex underwent a CT scan and has been diagnosed with lung contusion after preliminary analysis, further checks revealed several rib fractures. A spinal CT scan revealed fractures to the T7-T8-T9 vertebrae, a body fracture to L4 and trasversal process fractures to T2,4 and 8.

MotoGP™ Medical Director Michele Macchiagodena: "There's a thoracic trauma with bilateral ribs fracture, on the left and the right. He also suffered a head concussion - the CT scan doesn’t demonstrate any damage or bleeding but it still requires to remain under observation for the next days. However what needs more attention is the fact he sustained a lung contusion - we'll have to monitor it closely to make sure it doesn't lead to restricted breathing or any kind of infection. The early checks also report 5 fractured vertebrae, from which three seem to affect the body of the vertebrae - as of now there's no neurological damage but we'll have to make sure those fractures are stable so the medulla isn't affected. For now it needs to be observed closely in order to determine if surgery can be avoided."

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