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2045 Tech launches the Floome MotoGP™ Edition

2045 Tech launches the Floome MotoGP™ Edition

After the huge success of Floome in Europe, the US, and Japan, 2045 Tech launches the Floome MotoGP™ Edition.

Floome is a high-precision smartphone breathalyser that combines form and function. Compact and light with an exquisite, sleek Italian design for the modern-day mobile user, Floome utilizes the same sensor as found in breathalysers used by law enforcement officers, as well as a new proprietary vortex technology.

Floome is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, the accompanying Floome app – available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Marketplace, respectively – offers a simple and intuitive user interface that delivers estimates and solutions regarding the user's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in a matter of seconds. The app also features a tutorial video to correctly guide new users in setting up and using Floome.

Additional features of the app allow the user to find nearby taxis, and restaurants, speed-dial friends, and keep a diary of the results. Finally, the accompanying app provides a sober-up estimate, suggesting the user to retake the test at a later time.

The Floome MotoGP™ edition, available in matte black, sports a classy design featuring the MotoGP™ logo on the front cover and a newer, sleeker packaging. This new Floome is a must-have for all MotoGP™ fans.

2045Tech is an Italian start-up company that develops devices that combine innovative technology with beautiful design and is excited to introduce the Floome MotoGP™ Edition after having launched its first product in Europe, US, and Japan. For more information, visit

The Floome MotoGP™ Edition will be available on-line on, via other on-line retailers, and it will be coming soon to

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