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Pedrosa Blog: Valencia, Seville, and Milan

Pedrosa Blog: Valencia, Seville, and Milan

We visited St. Mary’s college where we spent a wonderful day with a group of kids that never stopped smiling…

In his latest official blog for Dani chats about what he has been upto since the Valencia test:

Hi friends,

This week I’m writing to you at last from my home, something I really appreciate after all the travelling we have to do during the last leg of the championship: Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Valencia, Seville… It’s been non-stop!

Actually, we were in Milan yesterday. The Motorcycle Show is being held there, and just like other times, it’s a pleasure to visit the city. Milan is really special too; it’s different to the other cities I’ve been to.

Honda invited Marc and myself to see their stand at the Show, along with other Trial, Dakar, and Motocross HRC riders. So I had a good group of guys with me! It’s always interesting to discover the new models that our friends at Honda bring to this kind of event as it allows us to check out the latest cutting-edge designs they’re working on.

As for us, we had to work hard last week in Valencia. It was a good chance to do all kinds of tests. This first contact is key to getting a feel for it and sharing thoughts with the team so that Honda can focus their work over the winter.

Two key aspects were the new electronic control unit, which still needs a lot of work, and the tyres. As you know, we have changed from Bridgestone to Michelin and we’ll have to work hard to get the best performance possible.

And with that, we got on a plane and headed to Seville. We had a fantastic day! It was great. We visited St. Mary’s college where we spent a wonderful day with a group of kids that never stopped smiling. They were so full of excitement and we were just as excited as they were! For me anyway, one of the things that meant a lot was when one of the pupils, a girl named Inés, came up to me and gave me a really special present. Those are the moments that are most fulfilling. The kind you never forget. Thank you Inés!

Before I say goodbye, I would like to write a few words of condolence to the victims of the attack that occurred last Friday in Paris. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.

Question of the week:

What was the best moment of the season? Question from Caterina.

Hi Caterina,

There hasn’t been just one best moment this season. I’d say everything from Aragón onwards. After that GP, things started to feel better, and I had a great time until the end of the Championship.

Best wishes,


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