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Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ Q&A

Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ Q&A

It was a difficult season for the Aspar camp in 2015, but they were able to persevere and show their potential.

After the 2015 season drew to a close, Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ spoke to about a difficult year on the world stage.

What’s your overall view of the MotoGP™ season?
"The truth is that both our riders had some strong races, Nicky Hayden made a few really good races such as in Le Mans and Eugene Laverty also had a great race in Aragon and was first in the Open class. But really the final outcome of the season is far from what we expected. We expected some better results and to be fighting for the Open win until the end and unfortunately we couldn’t do that."

How did having a rider as experienced as Hayden help?
"Hayden is a rider that I really enjoyed working with. He was very professional both on and off the bike, always. He is a rider who does everything that is asked of him and always gets the most out of his programme. I would say that perhaps he is the most professional rider I have had in my entire career. When he is frustrated it is not without reason, he always communicates well and is always very specific with his feedback. I think he’s the rider in the paddock we will miss most because he is someone with a lot of charisma who left a big mark."

Why do you think the struggles occurred?
"Now, analyzing and seeing everything after you can see that we could have done other things and we could have had more improvements on the bike from Honda."

What do you feel was the big difference between the top Open teams?
"I think there’s a big difference. Both Yamaha and Ducati had their bike from the year before, but with the Open electronics on it so their machines were on a higher level than ours."

Did Honda play their part?
"Honda did what they could with a completely new bike for the Open class. The bike was a little lower in performance compared to the Ducati at the top. Both the Avintia bikes had about 10 to 12km/h of top speed advantage on us at most tracks."

Have you changed in anyway over the course of the season?
"There were some small improvements but not many big ones sadly. For example, we have made some minor improvements with the swingarm but the real steps came with the electronics over the year. Always the steps came from the technical side of our team."

You also have a Moto3™ team, how do you assess their season?
"I think we have two great riders in Jorge Martin and 'Pecco' Bagnaia and they’ve made a few great races. Jorge was in his first year on the world stage and he had some super runs considering this. For example in Malaysia, which is a difficult circuit to learn, he was strong from the first practice and made a great time."

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