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Pedrosa Blog: See you next year!

Pedrosa Blog: See you next year!

As you all know, this is the last post of the season. I’d like to start by thanking you all once again for showing me how much you care…

In his last official blog for in 2015 Dani answers some fan questions:

Hey everyone,

As you all know, this is the last post of the season. I’d like to start by thanking you all once again for showing me how much you care, day in day out. Without you, this journey would be a lot more difficult.

On Friday we finished the test we had scheduled on the Jerez circuit. This time, we worked on two very important areas: electronics and tires. We’re making progress on both fronts, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

As for the tires, we’re working really hard to get good results. The testing has been complicated, partly because there have been some significant changes in the temperature of the track. Overall I think we are moving in the right direction.

Next week we’re off to Japan to see our colleagues at Honda and close the season with them at an event. It’s always a pleasure to travel to a country that I enjoy so much.

As I promised earlier this week I will be answering more questions. Above all I want to thank you for sending them. I was impressed by the number of questions, which reminds me that you are always there with your support. So here we go!


1. What is your favourite colour? From Vidiya Risna Dewi #AskBlogMárquezPedrosa

Hi! My favourite colour is blue.

2. Do you have any ritual before you start to race? From Christie #AskBlogMarquezPedrosa

What I like to do before a race is get really focused and be around my team so I get pumped up.

3. I noticed that your helmet has transparent parts. Is it a matter of aerodynamics? From Gus

Hi Gus. No, those transparent areas are just a type of anti-skid surface.

4. Hi Dani. I wonder which track is your favourite and what do you think about the layout of Qatar? Encouragement for the season ahead. You do not ride alone. From Alvaro

Hi Álvaro, one of my favourite circuits is Motegi. One of my least favourite is the Qatar circuit.

5. Hi Dani! Since the next post is the last one I wanted to ask: What do you like to do in winter outside of work? Thank you very much and warm regards From Sofia

I like to do other sports like windsurfing, spend time with my friends, and do a bit of studying on things that I’m interested in.

6. Hi Dani! Do you have a hunch that (2)01(6) will be your season? Your fans are always hoping so with a lot of excitement. Warm regards! From Marc

Thanks Marc. Of course we’re excited and extremely motivated! We will keep working toward that goal.

Warm regards to everyone,

Dani Pedrosa

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