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Three questions to Vito Ippolito

Three questions to Vito Ippolito

Vito Ippolito sits down to answer some questions about a dramatic 2015 season and looks ahead to a fruitful 2016.

Can you give us a brief review of the 2015 sporting season?

"It is an undeniable fact that the number of spectators and the TV viewership have continued to expand. This is a reflection of the constant improvements being made in the quality of the competitions. We have worked on that this year and the results are encouraging. It is also worth noting that new countries have hosted several of our championships. That is also one of our objectives and we continue to work in that direction."

During the year, the media also picked up on some difficult situations. What can you tell us about those?

"True, there have been difficult moments, and I would say that it is inherent to the sport. The most important thing is to manage to find the right response to such situations or at least to limit the damage and make adjustments, as was the case with the International Six Days of Enduro in Slovakia. I would say the same about the end of the MotoGP season, which was a fantastic saga and also a dramatic one."

In the two cases you refer to, are the matters now fully closed?

"Yes. In the case of the ISDE, the FIM panel restored the rankings of the nations to what it would have been. Finally, the Australian team were declared the winners.  This case also prompted us to review some important aspects of the regulations and procedures.  

"In MotoGP, the dispute was brought before the CAS and the case is now closed. It is true that at the end of the season the polemics around the Rossi-Marquez case swelled to unprecedented levels. For that reason, we asked all the people involved, including the teams, to refrain from engaging in  controversy about what happened in Sepang. During the last competition in Valencia, team Honda informed us that they had all the telemetry relating to the incident. Now the data are in our hands, and Honda and the FIM have decided together not to release them so as not to fuel further polemics.

"For 2016, the FIM’s goals and plans are clear and we shall continue to pursue them. We shall continue to move forward and I am sure that the changes we shall be putting into effect will bring about positive results. Motorcycle sport has many disciplines and there are therefore a great many fields of action, but I am confident that our specialists will all do a great job. You can ask me again at the end of the year!"

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