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Impact of Baz’s 290km/h Sepang crash registered at 29.9g’s

Impact of Baz’s 290km/h Sepang crash registered at 29.9g’s

Check out the telemetry data from Loris Baz’s 290km/h crash at the recent Sepang test.

Avintia Racing’s Loris Baz crashed at a speed of around 290 km/h during the morning session of the second day of the MotoGP™ test at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, on February 2nd.

The accident happened on the circuit’s main straight after a technical failure that has yet to be identified caused a loss of control, which after a period of around 1.9 seconds caused Loris to be launched from the bike.

The Alpinestars Tech-Air Race airbag system, housed within his leather suit, deployed when Loris was launched and then the first impact with the track took place 60 milliseconds later with the highest energy impact recorded at 29.9g’s on his left shoulder.

From the moment that Loris impacted the track, the duration of the slide lasted for 6.6 seconds. 

Despite the speed and level of impact force associated with the crash, Loris was able to walk away with just a bruised elbow and resume testing later that same day.

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