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Dynavolt Intact GP Team launch held in Germany

Dynavolt Intact GP Team launch held in Germany

The Dynavolt Intact GP Team unveiled their new livery and officially introduced their new two-rider team for the 2016 Moto2™ season.

The first highlight of the year, the sound of engines and the smell of fuel were awaiting the German motor sports fans in Memmingen on Friday. Over 400 invited guests attended the Dynavolt Intact GP team presentation, held at the Headquarters of Keckeisen Accumulators, and were full of expectation. After all important news regarding the changes in the team were due to be announced ahead of for the 2016 season!

The most important announcement was the change of Dynavolt Intact GP from a one-rider team with Sandro Cortese (26) to a two-rider team, with the addition of Jonas Folger (22).

The two brand new 2016 Kalex bikes of the racing team had their very own roaring entrance: as the highlight of the evening was when the two new teammates rode their bikes through the warehouse of Keckeisen Akkumulatoren.

Sandro Cortese spoke in front of the enthusiastic crowd: “It makes me very happy to see everyone here today and I can’t wait for the season to start.” After three years as the sole rider of the team he will now be sharing his pit with his fellow German Folger. “The last three years were very pleasant on the one hand, as I had the full attention of the whole team. However, on the other hand  it could be difficult at times as you did not have any comparison as to whether the direction you were working towards was the right one. On a technical level we are now able to experiment with a lot of aspects and I think, that both of us will benefit from each other during the season.”

It was the first official appearance with the new team for Jonas Folger: “It is great to see that of many of you made it here today and I am having a really good time.” During the private tests in November (Valencia) and the two February tests in Valencia and Jerez, Jonas was able to get adapted to the new bike and team. “My new chief technician Patrick (Mellauner) and I have a very good level of communication. I am able to get across exactly what I need in order to feel comfortable on the bike. I already feel at home with the team and it feels like we are very much in tune, even though we only had the three tests up until now. It already feels in sync!”

With a new rider and an expanded crew the space on the stage became quite tight when presenter Edgar Mielke asked everyone to join him on stage. First of all the three founders of
Dynavolt Intact GP, Stefan Keckeisen, Wolfgang Kuhn und Team Manager Jürgen Lingg.

“We started with Sandro three years ago and now we are working with three riders. It was a logical step to grow the team like this,” said the host Stefan Keckeisen. Wolfgang Kuhn added: “The precision that is required to perform successfully in Moto2 is incredible and I think you have to experience it live to be able to understand the great job that the riders and the team are doing.”

Team Manager Jürgen Lingg: “This is a dream come true. The two guys next to me play an important role in this achievement. The technical environment is one aspect, but without the necessary support it would not work. The amazing team we had in the background made it all a lot easier.”

The team of 11 people that operate everything in the background were also introduced to the audience by presenter Mielke. This included the crew chief of Jonas Folger, Patrick Mellauner, as well as his two mechanics Gero Beetz and Thomas Wegscheider. Furthermore the technical chief of Sandro Cortese, the Italian Lucio Nicastro, as well as his mechanics Steffen Rüdiger and Manuel Mickan joined the stage. Another new face in the team is data specialist Matthew Last from the United Kingdom. Last but not least the two ladies of the team, Guest Relations Manager Heike Zimmermann and Press Officer Karina Homilius were introduced.

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