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Post Jerez Grand Prix Commision update

Post Jerez Grand Prix Commision update

The Grand Prix Commission met on the 23rd of April in Jerez to discuss various sporting and technical regulations.

Sporting Regulations

Effective Immediately Jump Start Penalties

In the case where the organisers have been unable to impose a ride through penalty during the course of the race then the rider affected will be subject to a time penalty. The actual penalty will be determined by Race Direction to reflect the typical time lost due to a ride through at the circuit of the particular race. This information will be made available before the race.

For practical reasons it has been decided to remove the requirement that all jump starts must be notified within the first four laps. However, Race Direction are still required to notify teams and riders as soon as possible.

Quick Restart - MotoGP™ Class

Concern has been expressed that under the new regulations for a “quick restart” the MotoGP™ teams could have difficulty in safely refilling a fuel tank to its capacity when the restart involves a full race distance. Accordingly, when a MotoGP™ race is interrupted after less than three laps have been completed the restarted race will be for one lap less than the original full race distance.

Technical Regulations

Moto3™ Class Chassis Homologation and Supply – Effective Immediately

When a Manufacturer introduces the permitted upgrade to chassis parts then the updated parts must be available in sufficient quantities for immediate use by all teams using that brand of machine.

Tyre Pressure Sensors – MotoGP™ Class – Effective 20 May 2016

Use of approved tyre pressure sensors, on both wheels of MotoGP™ class machines, will be mandatory with effect from the Italian GP this year.

A regularly updated version of the FIM Grand Prix Regulations which contains the detailed text of the regulation changes may be viewed shortly on:

MotoGP, 2016

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