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Marquez Blog: Thanks for your support

Marquez Blog: Thanks for your support

In his latest blog Marc Marquez looks back on a difficult French GP.

Hi everybody!

This GP was a bit more difficult, but we can take some positive lessons from it.

The best thing of all is that, despite the fall, the motorbike was still ok and I could carry on in the race. I got three points for the standings, which could be important in the end.

Once again I would like to thank my fan club. This is the fourth year in a row that they have travelled to Le Mans, and the mosaic that they made in their area, just next to the Dunlop curve, was beautiful. Having their support throughout the weekend was a really big help.

Throughout the whole weekend we saw how passionate the Le Mans fans are, both on the circuit and during the various events that were organised. I really enjoyed spending some time with them on Saturday afternoon. Here is picture of the get together organised by Honda France. They were excited and so was I!

I would have liked to follow the Spanish Liga football matches to see how the Championship is going, but with my Grand Prix obligations I haven’t been able to…but I must admit that some of my team members were letting me know what the score was! The Liga is very interesting this year.

Now it’s time to go home and get back to my training. And nothing else. I’ve kept the next two weeks completely free so I can concentrate on the Italian GP and train all out with my brother. I like Mugello. I think it’s a circuit where we can race much better.

Question of the week, from Sara:
I’ve taken up motocross and I have a question about my diet on days when I train and go to class…When you had class in the morning and trained in the afternoon, did you have the same breakfast as the days your trained in the morning, or something different? I’m not sure if my question is very clear, I hope so!

Hi Sarah! When I was young I didn’t manage my diet as much as a professional does, but I loved pasta and I ate a lot of meat and fish, as well as fruit throughout the day.


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