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25 days ago

Pedrosa Blog: Montmelo is here at last

In his latest blog Dani Pedrosa looks ahead to his home race at the Catalan GP.


This week we’re back in Barcelona. I had a few days to prepare for the Grand Prix. It is a really special one. Racing just a few kilometres away from my family, my friends, my fan club is exciting.

"It seems like only yesterday..."

It seems like only yesterday that I raced for the first time on the circuit, but honestly, racing at home never gets old. And there have been many races.

This is obviously one of those GPs where there is a lot going on, not only on the track. A lot of people come for it, there are lots of events, and that means that it’s easy to get distracted.

I always try to minimise this as much as possible, and concentrate on the race, which is what I really should be focusing on.

As I already told you last week, I felt good vibes in Mugello on the Sunday, and so I hope I can get a good result here. I aim to prepare each training session well and try to fight for the podium. I like the circuit and in the past I’ve got some really good results there.

Before setting off I had time to watch the Giro d’Italia and the Formula 1. The end of the Giro was really exciting and Valverde got a great podium finish. The Formula 1 in Monaco was also really entertaining, and Fernando secured fifth position. Congratulations to him on a great race.

Now the focus is on the Grand Prix. I’m looking forward to seeing my fan club that will be supporting me as always. By the way, they are encouraging anyone interested to join them on the stands and experience the GP with them. 

Question of the week
Do you think that in this World Championship one of the leaders will fall in almost every race, and it will be crucial to decide on who wins the title? (from Oihan)

Hi Oihan,
I’m not sure what I can tell you about the future. Obviously, it should happen less often as you gain experience in these races, but you can never be 100% sure.

See you in Montmelo,

Dani Pedrosa