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13 days ago

Marquez Blog: Ready for Sachsenring

In his latest blog championship leader Marc Marquez looks ahead to the German GP.

Hi everyone,

After a few quiet weeks in the World Championship, it’s time to get back into the routine ahead of the next Grand Prix. This weekend we’re racing in Germany and we need to be 100% focused to ride with energy and enthusiasm once more before the summer break.

Our goal has been to get the Sachsenring circuit in good enough shape to win the highest number of points possible...

These past few weeks have been about preparation in Cervera, about being at home and training hard with my brother. This past weekend we were in Rufea giving it our all. Our goal has been to get the Sachsenring circuit in good enough shape to win the highest number of points possible so that we can enjoy our holidays even more. I am very ready to go on holiday, even if just for a week!

The Sachsenring circuit is one that I like. It isn’t my favourite like the one in Aragón, but it is true that I race well on it and I usually have good results. I’ve won the last three MotoGP™ races there and I think it’s because it suits my riding style really well. It has a good number of left turns and riding dirt track helps me a lot.

The only thing that worries me a bit is how fickle the weather usually is at this circuit, just like at the French GP. When it starts to rain, everything gets much more difficult. Let’s hope the blue sky holds out this time, at least during the race!

And if doesn’t, just look at the Formula 1 drivers or the cyclists who have been racing in the Tour de France over the last few weeks. Hamilton took the win in the race where the Safety Car came out in the starting laps because of the rain. Meanwhile, the cyclists had to face extreme conditions that got even worse at the end of Sunday’s stage. Unfortunately, Alberto Contador had to stop. Keep positive!

With a sport-filled weekend like this one, I don’t want to leave out the Euro 2016 final where Portugal used its weapons well and beat France. Congratulations to all the Portuguese fans.

Talk to you all next week!

Question of the week, from Michelle:
Hey Marc! Good luck in Germany to you and Alex. If you didn’t have #93, what other number would you wear and why? Let’s goooooo!

Hey Michelle,
I couldn’t race with any number other than #93. It’s the year I was born and I’ve worn it since my very first races. If I didn’t change even when I was World Champion…I wouldn’t change it ever.

Marc Marquez