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8 days ago

Twitter highlights of the #AustrianGP

The best of the Red Bull Ring Twittersphere

We all know the results from the #AustrianGP by now and which rider said what about the here's where the really hard hitting journalism starts - with the top tweets of the weekend!

What was on the tips of MotoGP Tweeters' fingers? As it turns out, pretty much everything - from pet birthdays to the Olympics! Here are our highlights...

On Thursday, we found out what Marc Marquez could do as a career when he hangs up his leathers:

But in the meantime, he fully intended to grab the bull by the horns in Spielberg...LITERALLY.

In other news, Olympic fever was rife in the paddock:


We wanted to add this Tweet because we all know that dogs win the internet:

...and MotoGP fans demonstrated once again why they're the best:

Onto the weekend's action...someone at Ducati HAD to make this joke at some point:

Then Jack Miller took a heavy tumble in Warm Up. Fractured back and wrist? No worries, mate!

He even made it onto the grid. In a way.

Casey said what we were all thinking about Moto3™:

...and Zarco decided that a backflip in full leathers and a helmet isn’t cool enough on its own.

Familiar faces made guest appearances on the MotoGP™ grid!

But on-track highlight of the weekend? Two friends on a Sunday Ride together!

That's all from the Austrian GP. With the #CzechGP coming this weekend, the social forecast is 100% chance of road-trip selfies. Really.