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14 days ago

UPDATE - Decision of the Grand Prix Commission in Brno

Changes updated to be effective immediately in 2016

In previous information circulated on this subject, it was stated that all decisions on regulation changes were to be effective from the 2017 season. This was incorrect and the following decisions will actually come into effect immediately:

Technical Regulations - Effective Immediately

Post-Qualifying/Race Technical Control

Allowances will be made by the Technical Director when non-compliance with minimum weight or maximum noise has been caused by incidents in the qualifying session or race. This would include situations like fluid loss or missing bodywork parts affecting the weight and damage to or loss of exhaust components affecting noise levels.

Other Matters - Effective Immediately


The level of penalties for minor infringements that can be imposed by the FIM Stewards Panel without an automatic hearing has been increased. This avoids the current requirement for teams or riders to pay a significant fee to have any appeal heard by the Court of Appeal. As is the current practice, the Stewards will always grant a hearing to any team or rider requesting one.


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