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18 days ago

#AragonGP: Twitter highlights

Amazing scenes from the MotorLand Twittersphere

Ahead of the #AragonGP, the question on EVERYONE’S lips was could there really be winner number nine IN A ROW… and if so, who?

We think Pippa Laverty could be a tad biased though…

Obviously we all know the answer. No winner number 9… but one thing we learned was that the world needs more positive people like Alex!

But anyway, we need to talk about PraMarcVDS… and it’s not good news. We all know MarcVDS had a pretty famous American guy joining them for the weekend…

...and we think someone was a bit jeeeeaaallllooouuusss.

But MVDS were having none of it!

MotoGP™ Twitter likes to think of itself as a part time relationship counsellor, though.

And it did the trick! But not for long. *Sighs*

We tried again to cool the situation…

But failed miserably. Please DM us for counselling rates x

Lorenzo brought a new helmet for Aragon… it was great for many metaphorical & literal reasons

Marc Marquez reminded us many times this weekend that racers are just people, like you and I.

Unfortunately Alex Lowes wasn’t able to compete in the race after his FP3 crash, but he made his future intentions crystal clear!

...and then this winglet thing got "plane" ridiculous. (We'll get our coat.)

In Moto2™ news, younger Marquez got his first podium and…brotherly love, eh?

As for Moto3™, we ALREADY have a new champion. It was emotional!

But it was so very nearly a different story, so this tradition had to wait another 24hrs…

Clearly this COMEDIAN saw our Tweet from Misano

Had to put this Tweet in because it’s a famous person saying how great MotoGP™ is and there's probably a pact about that sort of thing. Cheers Ewan - please come and visit some time!

Meanwhile, Petrucci is getting a little rinsed after taking out his teammate in the race...

This was the autocorrect fail of the GP:

All sorted though.

And tweet of the weekend: we're not sure what was going on here, but for non-Spanish speakers, it reads (roughly)...
“When you've fallen over, but then the girl you like walks past.”

That's it for now. We'll see you at Motegi, and he'll see you at Magny-Cours. #LetsGetIt!