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Celebrating 25 Years Racing Together

Celebrating 25 Years Racing Together

2016 marks the 25th year of MotoGP™, celebrating collaboration and consensus between the FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Dorna.

The quarter century will see a season-long celebration and be marked by a continuous presence of the “25 Years Racing Together” logo and slogan at race weekends, on the podium and in Parc Fermé, as well as at special events and exhibitions during the much-anticipated 2016 season that kicks off this weekend under the floodlights of Qatar. Photos with the riders of the three categories, marketing material, a TV documentary, an exhibition, as well as a historic book will be produced to mark the special collaboration that started all the way back in 1992 to bring Grand Prix racing into the new era.

The Motorcycle World Championship is the oldest motorsport series in history, although introduced in 1949, until 1992 it did not have one sole organizer focused on bringing direction and harmony to the most exciting racing spectacle on the planet. And now, with only three years to go until its 70th year, the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship has not only kept the passion and excitement of the past, but has also brought cohesion, structure and a sustainable business model to drive the series forward at an ever greater pace.

FIM President Vito Ippolito mirrored that sentiment: "Our sport, and especially MotoGP, is highly complex, both from an organisational standpoint and in terms of the wide range of stakeholders involved. Each one has a different and important role to play, and we have to work together towards a common purpose. Over these 25 years, the FIM, with its partners, has steadfastly pursued its aim of excellence for this Championship, and that is the key to the success we are experiencing today. Through that spirit, we have overcome difficult moments not of our making. Now, we can truly celebrate the fact that we are a great team!"

Representing the manufacturers on the grid, Masahiro Yoshida, Chairman of Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association, remarked: “Warmest congratulations to Dorna for 25 years in MotoGP. In every relationship, it can be said that the key stakeholders always go through good and bad times together, and in the 25 years since Dorna was first associated with the FIM Grand Prix World Championship, it has occasionally had to overcome a number of challenges. However we can honestly state that thanks to our joint efforts, we have succeeded in building a strong, loyal and collaborative relationship between Dorna, MSMA, FIM and IRTA. MSMA will continue along their path together with the current partners to create a better MotoGP for the future. Once again MSMA would like to thank Dorna for its splendid efforts over the years and express sincerest congratulations for its 25th anniversary”.

Hervé Poncharal, IRTA President, added: “It’s amazing that it has already been 25 years with Dorna. I remember the days where the manufacturers, the FIM, plus IRTA and Dorna first worked together; the relationship was not great between IRTA and the other two parties. Yet since Dorna joined, everything has been pushed onwards, everyone has tried really hard, and we have been much more harmonious.  A lot of new venues and sponsors have entered our sport and Dorna have worked hard on promoting the media coverage. Not only have they been good at helping the championship grow in terms of technical aspects and safety, but also the marketing, which has been very impressive.”

Dorna CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta, who has been there since the start, commented: "The most important aspect of this celebration for 25 years is that it has been full of consensus and understanding. We went through several stages that were not easy, but we always managed to get ahead and reach a unanimous agreement among all four entities involved. Since then, we have worked well in many ways, but especially in terms of safety for the competitors, working with the riders’ commission and also with sporting and technical decisions. All have served to improve this championship. The important thing is that the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna have worked hand in hand.”

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