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26 days ago

Motorbikes on the move: Logistics of MotoGP™

A look behind the scenes at how the paddock gets from A to B – from one side of the world to the other

Tags MotoGP, 2016

During the European rounds, the MotoGP™ paddock is full of team branded trucks lined up behind the pit boxes. The teams unpack, set up, go racing, and then pack everything away to hit the road to the next venue.

Sometimes, it may be as easy as the Red Bull Ring to Brno. But what happens when the next venue is on a different continent?

Then it’s a centralized task organized by IRTA and Dorna, and to move the MotoGP™ paddock as one is a big operation. By 2016, it’s 800 crates that need to find their way across the globe, with 360 tons split between four 747 planes.

Since the first years of #RacingTogether to now, just like everything else in the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship – evolution has been the key.

Check out the video below to see how MotoGP™ heads from Qatar to the Americas and back to European soil - before another long haul to the flyaways at the end of the season awaits.

#RacingTogether: Moving motorbikes around the world