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Crutchlow: “I can help build a bike that everybody can ride”

Double GP winner talks to about his contributions to testing, his goals - and a lot more

Two-time MotoGP™ race winner Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda) now knows where his immediate future lies, and the Brit sat down to talk about, amongst other things, his role with HRC in testing - and how ihis contribution is a vaulable one alongside factory Repsol Honda riders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa.

Crutchlow: "I can help build a bike that everybody can ride"

Cal Crutchlow: “I think it is a very, very good bike and very competitive and engineers work really, really hard in HRC. But I think it’s difficult to ride the Honda. It’s quite sensitive and I believe if I can help build a bike everybody can ride, it’s a lot better.”

Crutchlow – who also has lots of experience with other machinery – says he finds his input can be of great use in finding a middle ground that allows development to move forward across the board:

CC35: “Sometimes I’m not always the fastest guy and I don’t always get the best result but I seem to understand the bike very well. If I go testing I can do five laps with one piece of material and normally understand and straight away, where it may take another guy all day to do the same thing. We have to remember that all the four Honda riders at the moment have only ever ridden a Honda. Dani and Marc are very, very fast and very good at testing the items as well. But they are also looking for their own result and way. Normally if I find something that works, it works for everyone. Where I think when they find something that works, it works very specific to them.”

And outside testing? The goal remains to win if possible – something he’s already proved more than just possible. Twice:

CC35: “I think the expectation is to win when I can. I know for sure there is more pressure on Marc and Dani to win than me. But I think the pressure that HRC would put me to win is probably about the same amount that I put on myself so I will try my best and always do my 100% on Sunday.”